Struggling to export to Unreal Engine

Does anybody know how to export to Unreal Engine? I have been looking at tutorials for the past hour on how to, but I am still struggling, also when I try to export I get this error message in the top left.Blender Problem

I also have the Send to unreal plugin installed.

If you want to know more so you can help me, just let me know and I will try and provide more infornation.

Error message says: Could not find an open unreal editor instance

Did you place your items in the Mesh folder. Can’t tell from your pic. Try one item/mesh at a time…maybe one of them is given you the issue.

Or just save it as an fbx and import into UE4

Since you added the UE4 Blender addon, did you check mark it to be used? I know, stupid question but it happens.

Screenshot 2020-11-17 154505

Oh yeah, I checked it to be used, but when I export it to Unreal Engine it looks blank.

are you using cm for you blender file? Since ue4 uses cm, so 1-1

How do you check?

Screenshot 2020-11-17 155133

Oh yes I am.

Using 4.23 or later for plugin?

Oh I am using 4.25.4

I’ll share my blend file with you.

sure or just a portion of it. I’ll test it out.

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Portal Gun.blend (2.0 MB)

Btw I am using SSGI add on so the cylinder thats supposed to glow might now glow on yours.

hmmmm…blender is locking up on me but noticed you had the “mesh” folder without any of the assets you wanted to transfer over…also, just make sure your paths in the preferences for Pipeline: Sent to Unreal" is set up accordingly. Might have to watch those videos again to see if I’m missing something too. Have to head out for dinner but will give it a go later. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I’ll keep trying on my end too. Have a nice dinner.

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Couldn’t leave you hanging…so what if I don’t eat an appetizer.

Okay. Got it to work. Follow this video and it helped me get everything organized.

send to unreal - quickstart

Good luck.

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Thanks so much, I’ve seen that video before, maybe I didn’t do something right, do you know how to group meshes in blender properly so if you select any part it will highlight everything? I think that was one of my main problems.

Btw did you hold shift and drag all the parts in Unreal engine in order to get the gun like that?

I think i just marqueed the model and then right clicked on it and you can move to the mesh folder

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