Summer Color!


(Zale) #1

Hi, this is my latest model, I hope you like it.
The model is based on one of the illustrations made by Zoe Persico for the children book “Summer Color!” written by Diana Murray

Book :

Model :

The hardest part of this part of this project was the trees, I wanted to achieve an handpainted style with a good volume, so I created a transparent texture with all the brush strokes that I needed.
Then I started to copy-paste tons of single planes while moving the uv on the brush strokes that I wanted to use.

Made with Blender and Affinity Photo

(yogyog) #2

Very nice - I was impressed to see how 3D everything was - with such a convincing 3D style, I thought it was mostly going to be planes with images on!

Very impressed with how you managed to get this painterly children’s book style in 3D.

My only complaint is I would have liked to see you do some trickery so that the reflections in the puddles didn’t just move with the puddles as textures.

(Justin Lynch) #3

This is beautiful and it has such a sense of motion that i’m expecting to see everything start moving any second.

(Zale) #4

Thank you :blush:

(Zale) #5

Thank you :blush: i don’t know if it possible to use reflective materials with a shadeless setup on Sketchfab, now I want to make some test

(yogyog) #6

Can you map the texture to the object normal or something?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

I love this scene on so many levels :heart:

(hum-bee) #8

Did you try to use the particle system for the trees? I guess doing it one by one gave you more control…?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


Absolutely awesome work! I love 3D art that manages to capture the essence and charm of 2D! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Zale) #11

I placed most of the planes one by one because I wanted to reach a realistic handpainted style, a particle system would have been too much random, at least with my knowledge of particles

(Zale) #12

Thank you :blush:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #13

You’re #featured! :+1:

(mathieu) #14

Impressive indeed :slight_smile:

(Aotuhm) #15

Amazing! :+1:

(cartoon.five) #16

Lovely style, really like the painted look. I always admire art that does not immediately tell You how it was done.

(frederico4d) #17

So good! wish sketchfab constrained the camera a bit so we dont get outside of it when we mode it, it is so pretty!

(Matt) #18

Amazing! I love how painted it looks yet it still looks great in 3D!

(Zale) #19

Thank you all for the kind comments :blush:

(Blender Gorilla) #20

Great mood and use of color.

Is the 360 ° VR render basically a panoramic render in Blender?