Summer Island


(FelipeDelRio) #1

This is my new project. I intend to create 4 different environments inspired by the seasons and then I choosed summer to start with.
I hope you like it!

(ijay) #2

The colours of the buildings add a nice style to this render.

(BigBlend) #3

So nice. I love the mini beach in the middle. Now I wish I was wealthy and could make this for real :smiley:

(FelipeDelRio) #4

Thanks for the comments! :grinning:

(RobertT) #5

Wonderfully made, and so pleasing to the eye!

I wish the render were at least 2x larger so all the little details could be appreciated even more.

The sense of scale here, helped immensely by the tiny persons, is really impressive and immersive!

I give you five stars… no, wait: five dolphins!

:ocean: :dolphin: :dolphin: :dolphin: :dolphin: :dolphin: :ocean:

(well, also having fun here with the new emoticons :wink: )

(FelipeDelRio) #6

Thanks RoberT! I am glad you like it

(Jason van Gumster) #7

#featured! :slight_smile:

(SynaGl0w) #8

Looks great, especially if you live in the land of perpetual winter! Excellent!

(Midori Mizuno) #9

This is great

(drgci) #10

amazing work!

(Okavango) #11

Fabulous work, very enjoyable.

Any tips on compositing or render layers? There seems to be quite a bit of detailed assets there - trees and vegetation, straw roofs, underwater geometry, hills with forests in the distance… How did you manage all that?

And those nice clouds… geometry or hand painted?

(rombout) #12

stunning work man! love the details and colors. Really like those small houses with the thatched roof. Those are combed particle hairs right?

(Bibigon) #13

Ha-ha :slight_smile: Island of Babel :slight_smile:

(Bluebird) #14

beautiful and vibrant style, really like it. well done :blush:
i`m new to blender, can I ask is it all blender? like the background clouds and sky?

(Drachengeifer) #15

Simply Awesome!

(Mathias) #16

Wow, it looks so realistic!:clap:


Amazing! How did you get the water so realistic?

(ToxicTuba) #18

I’ll move there. This is so peaceful. I love how you did these under the sea shells and stuff :smiley:

(jayanam) #19

Amazing work and great render! Thx for sharing.

(cleanheart) #20

Yep. That’s wonderful. Looks real.