Sunday Morning - A Sears-Roebuck Barn Kit

A lot of people have seen this in the WIP thread, but it’s done, so I’m posting the finished work here. Click the image for an 1152x864 wallpaper-sized image. Specs and info appear below the picture.

Sunday Morning

Over 2 millions verts at render time (with subsurfing, duplis, etc.). Lighting is AO with Sky Texturing and a single ray-shadowed sun lamp. Textures are either procedural (grass, leaves), painted in Photoshop (barn face, roof, silo), or made from other renders (background trees, background grass).

Mild depth effects and a slight bit of bloom were added in Photoshop in conjunction with a z-buffer image generated in a seperate render. I only did what color correction and sharpening, etc. that I’d normally do an a digital picture I received conventionally. I’ll be doing a Making Of kind of thing that’ll reside on my website, if we’re slow at work this week :smiley: .

Harkyman, this is one of the best scenes I have ever laid me’ eyes on :smiley:
Great job, and, I think it’s full-scale :wink:


…no comments at all :smiley: beautiful!

Didn’t think it was so many verts. Good job on the image.

That’s some remarkable texturing, lighting, and rendering. If you haven’t already you really should submit this to the gallery. :o

***** at least.

Very good job

Wallpaper !
Although I had to crop the top and bottom since I run 1152X648 : it was a pain but I had to decide between that or resize and I couldn’t do that !
Not that it is perfect : it’s just that it is very, very good and heartwarming.




That’s great! You should submit it to the official gallery!
It’s really beautiful!



simply stunning…

unfortunately it is too big for my background…


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o

I was one of the ones watching this in the WIP section. Nice to see it finished and finished so well. Great job.

You forgot to turn on OSA, its the little button … j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome work, really like the composition. Everything is good,but I particularly like the texturing on the barn and the dry grass.

This is also posted in the Finished Works section at CGTalk:

You can head there and leave some love for Blender, if you feel that’s appropriate.

I can’t make a comment.
Got to pick my jaw off the floor.

wow, very nice job!

This turned out very nice harkyman. Great rendering and attention to detail.

The full scale version really shows it off.

One thing though, you forgot to fix that cable on the pole in the BG that Stefano mentioned in the WIP thread.


D’oh! Um - it’s hanging from a little bracket about four inches of the face of the pole. That’s it.

LOL! That’s what I would have said too. :wink: