SuperTux 3D

hey, I’m making a 3D “remix” of SuperTux (
it’s fairly far along, I’ve been working on it for about two-three months.

the SourceForge project is .

the only intresting stuff is in SVN right now. (actually, i’ll be posting it to SVN in a minute.)

sorry that this message isn’t longer, but i don’t have a lot of time to post right now.

I’m getting an invalid project error…

Wow! I was just thinking about trying to make this!
I love Super Tux!:slight_smile:

A kind of Super Mario 64/Sunshine?
Would be really nice! Sourceforge-link doesn’t work for me neither.

Do you mean this project:

Me too:(
This is still going, right?

There was a typo in the link, but speedator found the correct location. I’ve fixed the link in the first post so that everyone will be able to find the page :slight_smile:

OK, Thanks!

yeah, guys, sorry for the typo.
the correct link is
and the game is much better than is in svn - i really need to getting around to checking everything in again.
(i checked things in with tourtisesvn last time, so i need to upload every file to be safe.)
anyone want to help? it’s getting really hard.
things like:
|------the python scripts i wrote are taking up half the processing power when the game runs,
|------------can’t figure out what the heck to do
|------having hard time commenting code
|------------(commenting is no fun - i want to write code, not comments!)
|------other such stupid and common crap

(stupid indenting…)

BTW, yeah, i am uploading my latest version to svn in a few moments. check the changelog file!
i made cool changes!

i’m waiting for some packages to install. i’m out of time on the net.
i’m going to have to upload to svn tomorrow.
anyway, if anyone is really, really good at looking at a 2d DRAWING and making it into a model,
please help. big tux looks horrible.
snow piles look horrible.
i don’t have anymore time to write this post.

Show me the pic of big tux or whatever and I’ll try modelling it.

You can find pictures of big tux and fire tux in the Super Tux game screenshots page.

game screenshots

Sorry, I couldn’t find any better screens of the original game.:stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t have upload right now (just found out, darnit)
and will do it tonight.

The Dawisch:
i’ll have bigtux’s blendfile available for downloading from sourceforge’s svn later.

Minifig, follow your links and see what those pictures look like. :wink:

That is what I thought they looked like.:spin:

Maybe you need to clear your cache in firefox or whatever to see what I’m seeing. The links are being redirected to this image:


This is what I thought I posted(I hope):

Can you see these?

here are pictures of bigtux:
and firetux:

i might upload to SVN now, by the way.

Edit: Fixed the screenshot situation. Minifig, some websites do not like you to hotlink their images, since it uses their limited server bandwith. That is what was going on there.

minifig, i don’t have any idea why you are seeing the right images, but i’m not.
but i DID just post good images.

Hey… he looks familiar somehow… Like I’ve seen him somewhere before…