Swapper - Open Game Project

Nice to see you here,

Atomic Skill and I decided to turn this simple game idea into a community Project!

I hope you are looking forward to contribute to the Swapper Open Game Project.
If you just want to play the game, just do so, but maybe you could help us improve the game quite a lot,
so don´t be shy.

The game is in a very early state right now, basically everything can be changed.

Here is what you could do to help with the game:

Download the Blendfile

JOIN our Skype Group:https://join.skype.com/cDeFdshY397F

--So you want to make a Level:
    You are our man!
    This game needs levels as much as programmers need their coffee.
    So consider creating one or two or as many as you please.
    It´s actually very simple:
        First: Go to the Levelbuild Scene and create a full copy
        Second: You have all the basic building blocks available. Use the grid snap and
                basic forms to block out your level.
        Third: Doors are linked to buttons. Every doorframe has a property how many buttons
                can operate the door at the same time. For now the code only supports a maximum of 2 buttons.
        Fourth: Go crazy and create the most challenging, awesome and weird levels you can think of!
        Fith: Upload your Level to either "Blenderartists.org" or the "Swapper Facebook group"
        Sixth: Sit back and wait for your level to get faboulized.
--So you want to be a Programmer:
    That is great!
    Most of the code in the game is poorly written by me at the moment
    so there is a lot of room for improvement.
    Also new gameplay features and anything else you can think of can be a welcome addition to the game.
    Feel free to go completly crazy.
    It is as much your project as it is mine.
--So you want to be a Fabulizer:
    Fabulizers are important too. Who wants to play a game consisting out of developer textures?
    You can basically do anything you like to.
    Create models for the Doors, Buttons, etc. Create Environment Models.
    Texture objects.
    Do fancy other things.
--So you don´t want to do anything like that but still want to contribute something:
    Well maybe you are great at music production. You could make some cool music for this game.
    Or you have the perfect Story Idea for this kind of project.
    Everything works.

Facebook Group

So I hope you feel like you can help us out with this Project.
Every helping hand is much appreciated.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: “It is as much your Game as it is mine”



Interesting :slight_smile:

Are you using BGE or UPBGE? if not, I think it would be great to test the UPBGE :slight_smile:

If I find some time, I’ll try to help this;)

I will program

I’ll do it aswell if I can get some spare time;)

Great! This game is not using UPBGE at the moment, but maybe we can port it one day.
Thanks for everyone wanting to join!
Have fun.

+1 for UPBGE. Especially since it’s been fixing several bugs of BGE lately:)

But be careful about the name of this game because there is already one called “The Swapper”.

Man, this is really amazing! When i seen it for first time, i thought about Portal (which i think has large influence) but the gaming concept really deserves standalone! I have some opinions and i hope i will have enough time to do two or more levels, because this is simply perfect.

  1. Reflection is perfect, but i don’t feel comfortable doing testing in bathroom. I understand that testing chamber must be clean and tidy, but those reflections are a bit over.
  2. I don’t know if the sliding is intentional, but as long as it is for future puzzle solving purposes, than it’s OK. (like cube has to slide over somewhere)
  3. Movement is really slow, i don’t intend to make speedrun already, but i’d like to move faster.

Besides that, it’s amazing work.

Sounds awesome! I already said it on the YouTube page, but I would love to help with either modeling or creating levels! This sounds like an awesome idea, so I’m glad to be a part of it. So when we finish anything, where do we submit the files we create? Do we email you, or do we post links here in this thread?

I’m also going to do some work on this game, it look awesome! just curious though, how are you supposed to get past the first red door once you have the cube up there? I’M SO STUCK

jump drop the cube into bounce thing, swap to it, now you are up on platform, second cube flies up to you.

Hey why don’t we use Slack to make communication with the team easy?

@Nicholas: The slack idea sounds great! I will set it up.
About the Name, “Swapper” will be the working title. I think we can make up a new title along the way.

@Timdrew: I´ve also got a playthrough on my channel if you get stuck anywhere.

@nixodemus: Thanks, you can post your creations as Blendfiles into this thread. I will then compile a new version with all changes.

@Rhinoflip: Feel free to change whatever you like in your blendfile and send the file here so we can test out the changes. And I agree that the levels should not be plain and empty. We will need ideas for those as well. But adding stuff can be also done afterwards. First we need some great levels.

Join slack for better communication:

You need to invite us.

Ask us for our email addresses. Mine is [email protected].

Then click the drop down button at the top left corner and click “invite people”

Ok, so please private Message me your email adresses then :smiley:

Short tutorial on creating new Levels for the game with the blendfile.
Download the Blend: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/42042


We´ll also use skype, don´t worry you won´t need a mic, would be good to have though.

Does anyone use Google hangout? b/c I think mostly everybody have a gmail account. Btw, I would like to help too. I personally like to keep the logic clean, tidy and less but efficient. Therefore I suggest using python to apply movement to the character rather than making many logic bricks. I have made one by myself and if you want I could show you. //Also, it would be much easier to change one variable (eg. walking speed) than have to change every actuators for testing and evaluating. :slight_smile: