T-55A tank work in progress

recently i started working on this T-55A, its been few days, im looking for feedback of other artists here, as im looking forward to improve it and add missing elements, till now im close to finishing the front. all comments and tips are appreciated!


Looks good so far! When I make vehicles, I tend to make the frame thickness too thick, but You’ve got it pretty much right I think. I don’t know about tank armour, but thinner than my frame, the lighter, and better. :grinning:

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Thank you!!! ill make sure to edit the thickness and try to suit it as much as it is in real life, gonna give more realistic model :+1:

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I will neat peak, why road and sprocket wheels are so flat? Is it just texture?
They should be recessed much deeper.

Rest looks really nice.


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Thanks for the tip, the sprocket and idler wheel i made are different than that reference, i thought their are 2 versions from this tank (as in an edited one) now i realized that these are the base ones lol, ill make sure to remake them, thank you!

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Hmm… That’s interesting. I’ve looked some more on pictures on google, and I could find wheels similar to yours, but only on toys, models and such (although not as flushed with the rest of the wheel).
Still there might be such variant of the wheels. It might not be the case of standard/not standard, it might just be how certain factories did them, like differences on T-34 tanks. Soviets built loads of them, so you probably will find many variants of certain details.

True, i might have to keep some time in the end to make edited version and models with different parts, for now i guess ill just keep it like that and in the end ill make more versions, thanks for the suggestion tho ill keep that in mind :+1::+1::+1:

Hello, im back with some new updates

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