Tangent Space Optimization of Controls for Character Animation (Disney Research)

This video is not about blender and not connected to any software. But this paper looks really interesting and could save A LOT OF TIMe for animators!


Don’t forget saving time for riggers :). It appears to behave in a similar fashion on the rig side than using this addon -

Would be cool to have some of the features like curves and re-timing on the curves in the 3D View.

The video seems to get mixed reception from professionals in twitter, and comments on youtube are disabled - would be keen to hear what others think about the whole approach, and it’s usability in a production environment.

Also, like with so many Disney Research papers, it might never make it’s way into Maya, at least not for the general public. Having something like this in Blender could make a difference. I like it.


There is the animation 2020 project. Ton plans to look at what needs changing in blender’s animation toolset next year. It might be worth creating a proposal for this on rightclickselect.com since they’ll likely be looking for ideas on how to improve blender’s animation tools pretty soon.

Edit: You might also want to try discussing this on the devtalk forum. Since it would just largely be a discussion of how to improve blender’s animation tools, they might not treat it as a feature request and allow you to keep the thread open.

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thank you! Posted it on Blender.Today and DevTalk and Blender Artists to gather feedback. I will create a detailed proposal on RCS very soon!