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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is my new addon for rigging and animation


Buying this addon you support its further development and my trip to Wacken 2020

Development plan:

  • Improve solver
  • Add free form posing mode (like in bone edit mode, but with squash and stretch)
  • Retargeting tools
  • Bunch of features for posing and animation that are hard to describe using words
  • Make solver take into account Blender constraints (especially Shrinkwrap Constraint)
  • Improve performance ( it’s quite low now, see Optimization section of manual)
  • Constraint limits


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gumroad link?

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Thank you, very useful!

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Just added a link in the description

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(Piotr Adamowicz) #5

Thanks, bought it, looks neat. :slight_smile:

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  2. Nice Addon :slight_smile:
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(Christian Michelin) #8

What happens if armature is already animated?(I would use this addon to tweak mocap on an additive layer) thx

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(CYNIC78) #9

Great addon. Since there is no game engine or interactive mode in 2.8 yet, any chance to get 2.79 version?

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If you check Adapt animation , existing animation will be baked into a new action and you can keep editing it as usual, but additive layer works pretty bad with this rig (will be fixed in future releases)

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Thanks :innocent:
Most likely no… too much difference between versions

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(RealityFox) #12

Will a face rigging system be implemented with this? It seems good for posing and basic animation but is it possible to get hands and what not working with it currently? And any future goals with things like controllers? I’m not much of a rigging guy, so this might be a silly question but can the weights be edited normally like other rigs in blender?

I really like this and I’ll probably buy it anyway, just wondering if you plan on putting in more advanced features into it in the future.

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Well …FREEIK is one big controller itself.
So,you can hang everything you want on freeik bones through drivers/constraints/etc. but you shouldn’t control their transform through constraints or drivers,current solver doesn’t support this (making solver take into account Blender constraints is already in development plan,so in the future some controllers for freeik bones may become possible)

As for face rigging ,it is better to do with standard Blender stuff ,i think.
Or just rip of already made face rig from the BlenRig and parent it to freeik bone that controls the head.FREEIK is good at animating things that need inverse/forward kinematics (hands,body,legs,tails,etc.) faces usually don’t need that.

As for weights,if you mean these weights,the answer is yes.

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(RealityFox) #14

Excellent, that’s what I figured but just wanted to make sure. Do the default settings work well with hands? Or do you find that they require some weight painting to work a bit better?

I do prefer seeing controllers on rigs rather than bones but I can live with it (I just find bones too distracting). You show using objects to control the bones, does this work with something like that dog in the screenshot?

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Blender’s automatic weight paint usually works quite nice with hands…and has no settings at all :smile:
Of course,some manual weight painting may be needed,depending on the model.

You can use any object as a bone shape


Well… it is quite tedious and no point to do that at the moment, but it is possible to make objects control bones ,no matter what model is attached to these bones.
In video about this addon objects don’t control any bones,by the way.
I just wanted to show that solver works with objects too.

(oaschwab) #16

Looks amazing.

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(MESCH973) #17

Hi xbodya13,
I have purchased your addon.
You said that is possible animate objects in the same way as bones.
Is possible a little video or tutorial for this.
Thank you

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Hi,tomorrow i’ll record a video

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(Kouza Nagi) #19

Hi. Tuto will be great thx…

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Here it is: