Target Weld

Afternoon all,

Rather than use Alt + M to weld vertices together does anyone know of a script or tool I can use that works in a similar way to Autodesk’s Target Weld? Kind of getting tired of Alt + M, click, Alt + M, click, Alt + M, click etc.

  1. Enable AutoMerge Editing (Mesh -> AutoMerge Editing, there’s also a button for it in 3D view header),
  2. Enable snapping and set snap type to Vertex,
  3. Tweak a vertex (select-drag it),
  4. Put it on a target vertex (it’ll snap once mouse pointer is close) and left click,
  5. Repeat 3-4 to satisfaction.

Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately it looks I’m going to have to learn Python. :slight_smile:

In what ways does post #3 not do as you want ?
Drag one vertex onto a second vertex target and they are automatically welded


The way in which it works.

Very informative.

Enable “Release confirms” in User Preferences > Editing, and it becomes exactly press-drag-release. What else is there?

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Work just as it does in Max. thanks for the info, Stan!

The difference is huge. If it was a tool I can turn it on and off easily, like any other tool. Right now you have a list of steps to perform each time you want to have it on and off.

This is an old post. I wonder if anything changed. Is there such available in new versions of Blender? I am moving in from Autodesk and it would be super useful to have some proper target weld tool in my work.

Err, no. The only things to turn on are auto-merge and vertex snapping, and that only needs to be done once; latter you can just toggle on and off for when you need/not need the merge (i.e. this is where you’d activate Target Weld in Max or Maya).

That said, keep in mind that Blender comes with a set of dedicated merging options: select a bunch of verts, shift-select the target vert and merge to last. Pretty much the same amount of input interactions as with Target Weld; even fewer at times.


Can you turn on and off both those options with single key/button? How can I do that?

You can turn off and on snapping, I guess you can create a hotkey for turning on and off snapping to vertices specifically (right?), but auto merge is not affected by that. It is hard to auto-merge without snapping, but it is possible, I’ve already tested that.

There is a lot of really good options for merging, true. Depending on your workflow and project you may or may not be OK with them. There is so many tools and options in Blender that it sometimes is overwhelming while you learn it and it is easy to miss somethings.

Both with a single key would only be possible via scripting (i.e. making an add-on that toggles both options at once, and assigning a hotkey to that).

I guess you don’t want to leave auto-merge on so as to not accidentally merge something? That’s a fair consideration, though to be honest (for me, at least) that doesn’t really happen (i.e. with practice you know when it would happen and work around that). But I guess one can’t just snap-transition from a familiar workflow to an alien one.

In this case you could try something different: assign a hotkey to auto-merge, keep vertex snapping on (you can shift+click several snapping options), and rely on holding ctrl whenever you need to weld. Though that does make it slightly more cumbersome to use.

Eh, It rarely happens with organic stuff, but I’ve had to reload quite a few hard surface models because automerge made them just impossible to disentangle. So, better to turn it off when not using it.

Actually, what I recommend instead of automerge editing is to simply snap the vertices to each other without merging, and when you’re done and have it exactly like you want it, only then do a Merge-by-Distance. Much safer.


There is a Target Weld addon now called Mesh Merge made by Stromberg90 (it should get it’s own Blenderartists thread imo) :

Alternatively, Maxi Vazquez’ Interactive Tools for Blender 2.8 also provides a Target Weld command.

Though I haven’t used either of the two yet, since my PC is in repairs.