Hi this is my latest work in Blender. Greatly inspired by a stanwinstonschool project, I decided to recreate it my own way…


Well, more or less your average everyday modern human, at least in “advanced” countries.


I like how this says, the media has gotten a bit out of control, that we’re force-fed things, in mass quantitites, not because it’s good for us, because it benefits some companies, that get rich every time we click on a video, Etc etc - - One has to wonder if those companies ultimately care about us, or just making more money - - Good art

a bit controvertial, But cool - - <3

However, I don’t think it’s my place to question the companies, that build our world and, Give us entertainment, Our media - - they ultimately know what’s best for us and, for our future, they are heroes, to us - -

Ha, ha, ha. Really cool!!
Love the pear logo!

So cool man! Strong message. :+1:

Art with strong meaning! :+1:

Half life got headcrabs

What we have here is a headpho…


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I agree :wink:

Thanks :grin:

Thanks me too, and any resemblance to existing persons and companies is purely coincidental :grin::grin:

I agree, thanks to stanwinstonschool’s idea !!!:+1::+1::+1:

Yes, you’re totally right :wink:, tnaks to stanwinstonschool !!!


i think doug adams said it best:“its not the little green pieces of paper that are unhappy”.
i can appreciate the political humor in this,
but i don’t see it as future or alien because ecopocalypse
and after that, people will have to be more sane because life will depend on doing so.

I love the art, but the sociological message is… meh.
I mean, in the 50’s 60’s 70’s certain groups where saying the same thing about TV, “Television is going to destroy society.” 80’s 90’s 00’s it was video games. Now it’s cell phones and social media.

It seems to me like the ones who obsess with these devices eventually weed themselves out, and the ones who use technology with moderation still remain a functioning part of society.
I would argue that television is still the #1 killer of human interaction. At least cell phone users are still getting out in the world recording themselves doing stuff.

Once again good art though! :slight_smile:

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I also agree with what you’re saying, it’s true. I think that art is made for entertaining but also to make people think, react, talk, disagree and so on… In this case, maybe people are happy to be so addicted. Most people live their addiction completely happy and with no fear or shame. For me, each one should take this message the way he or she wants. I love technology and my phone. This image is funny to me. I’m not signing the end of human kind :grin::grin::grin:. Thanks for all your reactions, by the way :blush::blush::blush:

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I think it is excellent!well done ,well thought and spot on!
politics has nothing to do with this in my world.i miss the days when coffee shops were a great place to meet like minded still is,but most faces are glued to phones.
meh!too bad really they will miss the best part of the apockyclipse!

I love your’s and other artist positive attitude towards the discussion they initiate through their work. :metal:t2:

Thanks for your support and for sharing… :blush::blush: