Teeth transparent material simulation

I’m dental technician and this is my everyday job & I live in 3d world too , I came from 3ds max and I find cycles material more response in many way , especially in volume shader & its ability to simulate transparent material , I made these teeth of tow layer , first is enamel second is dentin , I applied a volume sheder & surface shader in every layer , hope you like it

this is enamel material

this is dentin material

great realism !! good work

These are real teeth from a real professional!

Looks great!

thanks guys :slight_smile:

this looks very good.as im interested in real looking shader as well,i looked over your nodes and saw your use of some IOR values.
then i did a quick search and found this refractive index values for human theeth.maybe usefull for even more subtle realism.

Wow , thanks , that’s so helpful , I’ll apply these values & see the results , although there is a different transparent value between people for enamel that makes refraction hard to notice in many cases , but always this material appears in subsurface scatter fashion , that takes very long experiment from me , I tried translucent material too & that gives nice results too in dentin layer

i have searched further and found a pdf with absorption and scattering coefficent and some more vaules.i think your result is very close to photorealism by eye.i think with some measured values ,you have datas at hand and dont need guessworking.i think for SSS its important to keep the real scale of the model ,to apply real measuered values.otherwise the model is to large or small to fit the scale with the data values.

here the pdf

OMG , that is too technical too complected , how I can extract numbers I can feed to cycles nodes , needs researching, thanks too much

glad if i can help.its not hard at all, to take usefull values from papers and PDFs.ie the IOR values ,we are talked before,are a good start.then the absorption coefficent.and at least if nothing much usefull for are shader is in it,the scatter coefficent.thats the ideas i have for now.
in the pdf is much info.i read a little bit through the chapters.some interesting is,that at different color wavelengths the reflection is different too.thats what i would make use from too.

what textures do you use for your shader? is one teeth one surface, or a second or more mesh inside,to simulate all teeth layer? i would like to try this shader for some tests. have you a link for the texture material? maybe we could try to make use from the pdf paper, to get a perfect teeth shader for cycles.i think this would be a win for everyone.i have seen many simple white shader for teeth in the past,that look total fake.your shader is the best i have noticed so far.with the optimation from the papers,it would lift it to a new level of realism.

I send you a file to answer your questions

thanks wissammax,i have opened a new test thread for the files.


You are welcome my friend , I’ll follow your thread & post my results there