Tell me about 3d illustrations. I make some art in 3d way

Hi buddies!! Hope you all are well.

Basically I am digital marketer and know I want to learn 3d illustrations skill.
is there anyone expert in this field and tell me suggestions and tell me briefly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you like to go by the book straight to results, you can get up to speed within a month or so.

However if you try to create something unique and creative that no one has ever done so far, you will run into great trouble. Also if you try to learn everything in order to become master it will take forever.

Better to say “I WANT TO CREATE THIS” and write it on your wall and go straight to the results.

Examples of good tutorials to start:
Soda Can
Package Design
Product Design

Examples of wrong tutorials to start:
What exactly???
Why use it???
No you don’t want this…


For illustrations, my guess you can take a look at the vids from polygon runaway:

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Very good suggestion, I did not know about this one.

Thank You Everyone for your time

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It will be very interesting if you post something. To see if actually is easy to learn Blender.

As I have tried to teach 3-4 people to learn Blender from scratch and I have failed all of the times.

But sure the most important quality is the persistence rather than how smart a person is. 10 minutes every day for 30 days will do.