Temple - New Updates

New images on page 2

These are some WIP images of the entrance to the temple of eternal twilight in my game, Legacy of Taro.
I am using a new, advanced lighting engine, with stencil shadows, and halo lighting.

j/k, I actually made those shadows using hsv-altered textures. :wink:

do you mean u are using a new technique or lightning engine?
I see you have updated you webpage also…
The temple looks nice…

Lightning engine? Whow :o Tell us more :stuck_out_tongue: I really want to know what you mean.

Lightning engine? Whow Tell us more I really want to know what you mean.

He was kidding about the engine see

j/k, I actually made those shadows using hsv-altered textures.

I am curious though as to how you did that. :smiley:

looks good lemmy, tell us what you have done :slight_smile:

Ok, I got the texture:

brought it into gimp, and dodged it a bit, until it was like this:

And then, I created another texture, seperate from that, like this:
and then, I just applied the textures to make it appear as though the light was shining in! :smiley:

wow :o thats awsome can’t really tell that you did that from the images.

Now, why is it that I got less replies after I posted the technique? Should I delete the technique post, perhaps? :slight_smile:

Lol, no, it’s just a nice way to show how you did the nice ligthning effects, maybe even usefull for games without too much real lamps in it. :smiley: Tell us more technics and effects. 8)

I think the lack of replies is because u only have one object or place… not much to talk about, except of the technique, but there isn’t much to talk about that either… so I’m waiting for something more… I would like to see it on a landscape or whatever you intend to make it for… a dungeon or somethin’

great job! nice choice on site design as well. i think you should work some of that texture magic on your main character though. keep it up!

uh please try to add deformation in the texture… If its rock then add that green stuff around the connecting piece,

Just to note, adding lighting to the textures is not stencil shadows. Stencil shadows are when you render two versions of the object, once normaly and once flattened as the shadow. To make the shadow only show up where there’s ground, the stencil buffer is used to cut off any bits that stick out into thin air.


tmtechie: Thanks. I made that character a long time ago, and I’m planning to re-do him soon. :smiley:


Serves me right for not thuroughly reading a post.

mumble grumble

Nice technique! It looks perfect.

New Screens:





I’ve been working hard on this, as you can see. Tell me what you think of it so far. :smiley:

that last one is kind of dark

you doing anything with vertex colors or is the lighting entirely in the textures?

very nice!

z3r0 d: I use vertex colors, mostly, but the shadows and sunlight on the outer stone texture are hsv-altered textures. And yes, I know it’s dark. I will have it lit with candles or something later.

xintoc: thank you! :smiley: