Terra Scans - A Nature Library Addon

Hey guys! I would like to introduce you to our new addon we have been working on for the past two years that is now available on Blendermarket:

Terra Scans

Terra Scans is a professional high-quality nature asset pack containing 184 different photoscanned nature assets in 11 categories. All assets have been retopologized and optimized to be used with Blender. Terra Scans helps you to:

  • Improve your renders with highly realistic assets
  • Add details to your scenes
  • Save time creating photorealistic nature scenes

With Terra Scans you can enjoy all the benefits of using photoscanned assets without having to invest a lot of time and money into creating them yourself! Every asset was photoscanned, carefully retopologized and optimized for Blender by us. All of our materials were set up to work in both Cycles and Eevee!

Optimized for Blender

All of our models have high resolution texture sets, so our assets can also shine in extreme closeup renders even though they are rather lowpoly.

Easy to use

In order to make it really easy to use our assets, we integrated them into an addon.
Just install the addon and select the asset you want to import. Hit “Import Asset” and you’re done!

There’s also a version that uses Blender’s internal Asset Browser!

Real World Scale

All of our models have the correct real world scale when imported, to make it extremely easy to integrate them into photorealistic scenes.

Fully Customizable

All of our assets have easily customizable shader groups. You can adjust all shader properties simply by playing around with the sliders.

Shader Demo


With version 1.1 we added 36 premade biomes for Scatter5!

Some renders with our assets:

Terra Scans is available on Blendermarket and Gumroad now for 39.95$ and there’s a free version available so everyone can try out some of our assets for free!


Terra Scans is now available on Blendermarket!
We also added an Asset Browser version that is compatible with Blender’s built in Asset Browser!
Don’t miss the Launch Sale that only lasts for a few days!

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Terra Scans looks really cool! I like that you didn’t just add rocks, trees and plants like most nature packs, but also seashells, industrial debris and so on. Are you planning on adding more assets in the future?

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Thank you very much! We try to offer a variety of different asset categories so you don’t have to buy more packs for different biomes such as beaches. We plan to expand the library with every update and add more categories. What kind of nature assets would you like to see in the future?

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That sounds great! I think it would be really cool if you could add some more long tree trunks and more exotic rock formations. Do you plan on adding support for Scatter5 in the future?

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Just bought it and took a quick look - great assets, thanks!

One big thing for me to note though would be that the assets would be way more useful if they were collections, not object assets! To keep the file size down, I always try to link from the asset browser, not append. When linking objects though, the position of the original object in the original file is linked too. Therefore, one cannot move the asset if it is linked (without a library override). If the assets were collections (instead of objects), they could be moved freely without an override!

That would massively help usability, do you think you could do that?

Hey there, glad to hear that you enjoy our assets! Of course we can implement collection assets and release new download files in a few days (probably tomorrow). Would you prefer a separate download file where all assets are collection assets instead of object assets or would you prefer both options to be available through different categories in a single asset browser version, such as “Debris - Object Assets” and “Debris - Collection Assets”. Some people such as myself prefer to use object assets and directly appending from libraries so we don’t want to remove object assets completely. I just wonder if this might end up becoming confusing once we start to add high and low poly versions in the future as well. What do you think would suit your workflow best?

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Terra Scans is looking pretty nice. It‘s a real shame that it only sold 20 times until now.

Thank you very much! We really hope to gain more sales soon as it took us 2 years to complete the addon and we want to offer awesome updates in the future. So if you guys like the addon, we’d be really grateful if you could spread the word!

Most sales on BlenderMarket happen during their big sales - there’s one from August 3rd to August 8th, this and other BlenderMarket products will see a huge jump in sales then. During the last spring sale I made 5x my usual monthly BlenderMarket income

Not if there’s a good launch discount, which TerraScans has.
I would have expected that Terra Scans get smilar sales like Moss Biome or Forestation. Both had around 300 sales at launch. But I think espically Forestation totally undersoled.
Maybe Perhaps the market for natural assets is satisfied?

Yeah I hope also. But I’m also a little bit afraid that you guys loose also the intrest in continuing TerraScans if it’s continues to undersell.

Oh, interesting! I think it would be best to make a seperate download zip with only collection assets additionally to the regular one with object assets. But I can understand your point about not confusing customers. Maybe blenders behaviour will change in the future making this discussion obsolete, but right now I’d really appreciate if I could get my hands on those collection assets if it is possible for you!

And thanks for the quick reply btw!

I just added the collection asset version for the Asset Browser to the download files and updated Terra Scan’s documentation. I hope it’s what you had in mind and will speed up your workflow!

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Thats awesome, thanks! Downloading it right now.

Edit: All working fine and dandy, thanks again!

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Great to hear that everything is working well, hope you’ll have fun with our addon in the future!

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Maybe the market for natural assets is indeed currently satisfied as there were a lot of releases and updates recently, with Moss Biome, Forestation and Vegetation v5. We still plan on updating Terra Scans in the future though, for example we plan on adding biomes for Scatter 5 in addition to more assets in the next update.


Terra Scans now has a free trial version:

Feel free to explore some of our assets for free!

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congrats to 100 sales :tada:


Thank you very much! Terra Scans launch sales ends very soon. So if you want to get the best deal on Terra Scans, you should get it now :grinning:

Terra Scans and all our other products are on sale during Blendermarket’s summer sale!