Terrrain LOD [UPDATE: dynamic shadows !!] huge open world for all (glsl shader)

@benj have you seen upbge lately?

render attachments means we can do almost anything quickly with GLSL + nodes.

HI benj!

You seem to have tried a few alternatives to BGE. Can you give a little Summary of your journey, maybe in a different Thread? I’d be interested to learn from your experience/recommendations.

is there any way of making this work in upbge 3.0 ?

this is what you were talking about ? i searched all over the internet, even found out how it works, still i cant reproduce it in upbge 3.0. Maybe we ( game creators ) shall have some ready to use examples of terrain water day night cycle with procedural sky’s, and guess this is how games would start to appear more often :smile:.

Hello, I wanted to try this shader because I have a quite huge ground, but I when I launch the blender game in your .blend I have a “no module named “shadowmap”” error.

I searched it here and elsewhere with no luck, does someone know where I could find it ? I use blender 2.79b.