Test Run


(4k resolution is available)

This is a rework of my last work, and also a part of my one-man-made short.
The goal was to update my whole workflow in 2.9, and it was pretty successful.

As always, everything was created with blender.
Hope you like it, and I would be grateful for your feedback.

character, wire

character, rig

character, render

face, wire

face, render

face, smile

set, model

set, render

shot 1, raw render

shot 1, compositing

shot 2, raw render

shot 2, compositing


Wow, amazing work!

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Glad you like it. Thanks a lot!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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This is basically feature film quality - nice work! Her hair is perfect, and the environment is gorgeous. And thanks for including the wireframe for the face (I love wireframes).

Since you asked for feedback, I can think of only one way to improve it: your skin looks great, both texturing and shading, but the SSS effect is resulting in too strong a glow at her nostrils when she’s lit from the side. She looks perfect in the face render though. If you use a SSS strength map, I would give it a lower strength in that area, otherwise, maybe lowering the red value in SSS radius would help, or slightly lowering overall SSS.


Lighting is gorgeous otherwise.

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Thank you so much, Bart!
I’m glad to be in the weekly post and featured row!

Thank you for the kind words! And I really appreciate your feedback.
I think that happened because I wanted to emphasize the sss effect on the thin areas of the skin, and I think I went too far on the region as you mentioned. I will consider that in the future. Maybe I should reference some photos in similar situations to make it look more right. Thanks again!

I think we all run into the “glowing nostril” effect at one time or another. Her skin really does look good everywhere else, though.

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The most beautiful model I have ever seen and the landscape as well. A new high standard for us creators in the blender. I love that combination of clouds that look like they were drawn in traditional oil paint and a model of a girl who is stylized but convincingly realistic. The vivid colors tone are beautiful. WELL DONE

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Thank you so much. You’re too kind.
Stylized realism that you mentioned is what I’m chasing for.
But I think I’m still trying to get out of the uncanny valley.
I’ll do better next time to deserve what you said. Thanks again.

Just awesome! The only thing that is off to me is the smile in the end. Seems a little creepy (feel-the-pain-harold-esque) to me. I think the eyes should be more open, show more excitement there. But to be honest, though, I was more focused on the gorgeous cloth anyway. :upside_down_face:

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Thank you for the honest opinion. This kind of feedback is so hard to get when you work alone.

I kind of knew that something was off with the smile, but I let go of it hoping that it could be okay.

But now I’m getting feedbacks about the smile like yours. I learned a lesson. :laughing:

Regarding the cloth, I thank Erindale for his great tutorial on knitted materials.


Beautiful, stunning, incredible… all of the above.

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Thanks for setting the bar so high!


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Honestly, while the smile is a little off, it’s definitely not bad. Big smiles like this are REALLY hard to get right, and you’re actually very close. I mean, we’re talking about an expression that’s hard to fake with our actual physical faces.

If you’ve ever heard of the Manuel Bastioni Lab add-on (it’s a popular free character creator), I think this open smile looks better than the one built into their character.

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Thank you so much for your kind words. It helps me to move forward. And I’m sorry for the late reply. I was away from my computer for a while.

It’s my pleasure. I’m glad you liked it!

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Thank you for the positive opinion. Appealing facial expressions are always subtle things to make right. It was especially hard to me because it was a combination of several shape keys. But, it was my first attempt of facial animation, and I’m sure it will be better next time. Thanks again for your feedbacks!

A book that helped me a lot was this one:

While it is extremely hard to find any fault at all with what you have done, you might want to have a look at this reference and compare it to your smile.

Some tweaks to the shapes and you could dial it right in!

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