TexTools for Blender

I absolutely don´t want 2.8 support for TexTools and I´m sure the creator is never going to migrate himself to 2.8 either so why should he bother <- that was sarcasm


I am also eagerly awaiting a Blender 2.8 release! you have done such a great a job on the previous versions that I have trouble using Blender’s archaic native UV tools.

In the meantime… is there a native tool/command that lets you get smoothing groups from UV seams ?

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This addon is a gem. Thanks a lot! Hope it get ported to 2.8 when it will be officially released


Another one patiently waiting for a 2.8 release for this. Would happily pay as I do for a few other addons which also make my life in Blender easier. Keep up the great work!


Same as the people above! Waiting eager for the 2.8 release :smiley: And I will donate/pay you for it :slight_smile:

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This is not a 2.8 update status but just sharing here as well that I’ll be holding a small presentation tonight at the Sydney Blender User Group:

Slide: FBX Bundle & TexTools


I am currently wrapping up another personal project after which I will devote more time to TexTools & FBX Bundle again readying for 2.8


yay! Great to hear you are planning to port it to 2.8!


@renderhjs Hope your presentation goes well… are you able to give us a rough ETA on when you might have TexTools ported? Are you thinking it will be a few months or a few weeks?


Also eager to see a 2.8 version.

Have you thought about putting it on the Blender Marketplace? I’d love to donate, but I do not use PayPal (due to really bad experiences in the past with them).


I’m having a problem with the texel size tool (v1.3.0):
When I click the Apply button or the size picker the UV map gets distorted.

With my previous version 1.1.0 this didn’t happen. :thinking:

@Fungopus, is your geometry okay?
did you?:

  • apply transformations
  • remove double vertices and non manifold elements
  • recalculate normals

@eobet, This is a good idea. People who want to support will help not only the author, but also Blender to. Those who cannot support will be able to download the addon on the link as it is now.

Hi @renderhjs, thanks for this tool. The texel density tool doesn’t work for non-square textures for me though. I have a 32x24 texture and the horizontal texel density is correct when I hit apply, but the vertical texel density is wrong. image

Is your bake Object Normal similar to Bent Normals like e.g. in Knald.

. While they do contain directional data similar to that of normal maps, they are actually more similar to Ambient Occlusion maps as they include a form of occlusion data via the bent normal

I would need Bent Normals for Unitys new HDRP Pipeline.
They reference the Knald ones.

Yes, please get this bad-boy in 2.8 and I for one will plunk down some bucks…


I wait for the 2.8 version plugin. Thank you for your incredible work. Tex Tools its a must have plugin IMO.


+1 on TexTools for 2.8, heck Blender HQ just need to employ this guy to do more UV work for blender in general if it was possible.

Few people I know of are waiting for it to make the switch from 3ds Max in general and it’s TexTools version.


+1 this is hands down best uv tool ever made for blender, highly appreciated if you would port it for 2.8


Agreed, the UV tools in Blender needs much love !

Another call for the 2.80 port. I’ve just started to dabble in Blender’s UV tools and they are sorely lacking in comparison to my main DCC(3dsMax) I don’t think I’d even waste time unwrapping in 2.80 until Textools is in there.

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I’ve learned max in class and blender by myself almost hand by hand, and UV unwrapping was the most recent thing I had to check if was equally posible with blender, I looked into what was possible with the addons I had in 2.79 and turns out all the functions that blender doesn’t have by default and I use in max is added by text tools. (Mapping pipes by edges, select flipped islands, aligning islands to edge and rectify)

The only thing missing is the pipe algorithm working as well in some cases and there’s not quick peel. I’ve never unwrapped something more organic such as a head so the relaxing algorithms is something I haven’t looked into yet.

I would pay to help the developer porting this addon, althouth it’s functions need to be added to vainilla blender, after all it would mean helping blender’s development. It’s functions are really needed!