TexTools for Blender


(theApe) #362

I absolutely don´t want 2.8 support for TexTools and I´m sure the creator is never going to migrate himself to 2.8 either so why should he bother <- that was sarcasm

(PolyGreen) #363

I am also eagerly awaiting a Blender 2.8 release! you have done such a great a job on the previous versions that I have trouble using Blender’s archaic native UV tools.

In the meantime… is there a native tool/command that lets you get smoothing groups from UV seams ?

(psychoboy852) #364

This addon is a gem. Thanks a lot! Hope it get ported to 2.8 when it will be officially released

(Rossco7) #365

Another one patiently waiting for a 2.8 release for this. Would happily pay as I do for a few other addons which also make my life in Blender easier. Keep up the great work!


Same as the people above! Waiting eager for the 2.8 release :smiley: And I will donate/pay you for it :slight_smile:

(renderhjs) #367

This is not a 2.8 update status but just sharing here as well that I’ll be holding a small presentation tonight at the Sydney Blender User Group:

Slide: FBX Bundle & TexTools


I am currently wrapping up another personal project after which I will devote more time to TexTools & FBX Bundle again readying for 2.8

(Leukbaars) #368

yay! Great to hear you are planning to port it to 2.8!


@renderhjs Hope your presentation goes well… are you able to give us a rough ETA on when you might have TexTools ported? Are you thinking it will be a few months or a few weeks?