Texture displacement using UV's in sculpt mode?

As far as I can tell this is not something Blender can do. Blender (in sculpt mode) can import a custom texture and use it to displace the geometry.
In the texture tab under brush mapping, you have various options on how the texture is displayed.


But there’s no option to set the texture to be displayed based on the UVs. There no way as far as I can tell to have a texture in sculpt mode use the UV coordinates to displace the geometry when sculpting.

That’s a brush texture, not a displacement texture in your screencap. Displacement comes from the displacement node and socket in materials, or from the displacement modifier.

Yeah, I know it’s a brush texture. I’m looking for an option to set the texture to be mapped based on the UVs. I can choose tiled but it uses generated coordinates (or something like that).

When I add a texture in sculpt mode I want it to be added based om the UVs and not on the brush or a stencil, then when I sculpt it creates the details based off the texture. (I’ve seen something like this in other sculpting apps but I don’t think Blender can do this)

You can use the Displace modifier to achieve that.
The workflow is different though.
Instead of painting in the viewport using the texture on UVz, you use the displacement modifier and create a weight map (in Vertex Groups) that you can then choose in the DisplacementModifier.

At the end, if you wish, you can Apply the modifier to “bake” it into the mesh. This works with both MultiRez and Dyntopo approaches.

Here’s an example of something I had done using this technique (the albino creature, not the dragon), and this is the texture used as displacement

Thanks, but it’s not exactly sculpting where and how much detail using in the Multi-res modifier. You’ve giving me some good alternates, though. I will have to experiment see how it will all work. :grinning:

That’s where Weight Painting comes in. And you use that as the VertexGrtoup in the Displacement Modifier. It works even live (although will probably chug if it’s heavy GEO)

Yeah, I see now Thanks