Texture nodes developer Frr returns: New texture node tree build up

I must say I am pleasantly surprised to see Frr returning and giving us a chance to see texture node trees in 2.5. He even fixed the threading bug so it’s evident he’s going back into development of his patch.:cool:

Interesting… :smiley:

Interesting indeed.

This thing has great potential by itself, especially when combining the procedurals in new ways. But I wonder what it could do when used together with the painting tools. The nodes are basicly very flexible layers and you could probably get some very cool painting functionality inside Blender.

are the textures it makes tileable, i still haven’t figured this system out yet

Yes and no.

If you use the procedural textures, then yes it will automatically tile, since it is only math equations and such. But, if you use images, then you have to make them tileable. But that is only if you want the images to be tileable.

It looks like Frr is also working on thumbnails for .blend files:

okay thank you, because I’m a MapZone/ CrytekFlowgraph lover and so I’m down with the nodes if you know what I’m sayin’

but if I don’t want a tileable texture I usually use GIMP instead of a node configuration

IF, however these texture nodes instantly update to the viewport, particularly within the game engine I would love it vrrryyyy mucuchhoo!

That looks like a nice little something going on there, if he can allow .blend file thumbs in the file window in Blender it’ll be much easier to find the right file I want to open.

I just hope he’s reading this topic, as bumpmapping doesn’t work yet with node textures.

This is a very nice feature. Wizards tile textures should be integrated, but still someone will have to help him to integrate supersampling into his code.

surprised to see Frr returning and giving us a chance to see texture node trees in 2.5. He even fixed the threading bug so it’s evident he’s going back into development

Well, I was going to make a thread, but it looks like you beat me to it!

Anyhoo, I made a new build with some extra features, here: http://www.graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=862

This new build will crash horribly if you try and load any files you made with the old build, because I’ve made some big changes. All the nodes which I said were impossible before, like blur and rotate, will now be simple to add. Rotate’s already in, actually.

More info at http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/TextureNodes

Oh, and you can now have multiple named output nodes in a single texture, which means you can generate, say, a normal map, specular map and diffuse map right there in the texture. For an example, check the fourth screenshot on the wiki page.


bug report
the texture node editor
only output+checker-------->delete checker,then add any node-------->blender crash
have output+checker then add any node --> ok now delete checker and add any node -->ok
must at least 2 nodes in the texture node editor ,if only one node (output) in the editor,add any node------>crash

Oh wow:eek:

I love how the nodes allow you do do some fancy effects with the fractel texture, and I really like the multiple map with single texture idea.

I really hope this makes it into 2.5 and also made to work with Campbell’s projection painting that he’s developing.

Hmm, doesn’t crash for me. Try using File -> Load Factory Settings and try again. If it still crashes, could you post the exact steps you take from the time Blender starts to when it crashes?

The same thing crashes for me, though if I just put the checker node out of the way it doesn’t crash.

We really need a way to transfer texture normal information through the distortion nodes. That way we can have crazy rotated and scaled textures and still be able to make them into a bumpmap with the distorted versions.

1:add a material
2:add a nodetexture
3:go to the node texture editor
4:delete checker
5:try add any node
i test it in linux 64 svn-17245

I added your texture nodes into Pandanovaks normal map paint,
(Hopefully that’s ok, you can just add my download count to your own :D)
initially as a way of getting displacement, but later I wanted to try and feed
the the normal map converter into the texture nodes. I worked on it for three days
and I set up a gamma and an alpha overlay (with no alpha input, but it still kind of worked)
Everything else I think didn’t work because of the compbuf?
I see youre working with brecht? I worked with him for 14 months on a shape key bug :smiley:

thank you you two (three?) as you can see in the beginning I really didn’t know what this was for but after playing around with it I’m really amazed. really i am and I have to say thank you for making such excellent additions to an already magnificent program (blender hehehe)


(with normals paint)

well anyway, i love the nodes and the normal paint so much that after about 1 year of basically using the same startup panels arrangement I’ve changed it by adding a preset nodes config at startup

again thank you

good day!

My only addition is gamma, and alpha overlay, and the ‘poly servant’ slogan.:smiley:
If I could wire in a separate compbuf so the normal map converter
would work in texture nodes then I might have added a little bit,
but I already spent a couple of days on that and I don’t want to wind up punch drunk :D.
I can’t wait for Cambell to finish the projection paint texture brush,
it looks like he might be working on that now.
I just want a kickass blender to use :smiley:

hey andy I have a question for you since you really know your stuff about textures and how blender works and everything

I’m getting this error in my viewport and I was wondering if you knew how to fix it. It doesn’t matter which 2.48 build I use it’s the same issue. But it was fine for a while. But then it starting doing this:


any help appreciated!