The abuse of unlimited thread title lengths in a few sections

Ever since BA 2.0 was launched, people have noticed that there is no longer any restriction as to how long the title of a thread can be.

Unfortunately, people in one or two sections is taking advantage of that fact and posting their entire question in the thread’s title rather than in the first post like one would usually do. It would do some good to have some restriction on the length, a limit similar to what it was when the forum was on Vbulletin (but not so severe as to force the use of creative language to get something across).

Would it be worth doing?


The current setting for max topic title length is 255; @Fweeb do you feel we need to reduce this?

this might put some people in a bad setuation

How do you mean?

some people cant reach ther goal in a thread,with only lets say 10 post for each,
by goal i mean "the info they are searching for "
if we said 10 psot for every 15 user this would reach the limit of the thread and the owner of the thread wont have what he wants

i hope i am making sens !! bad eng

That’s not what this thread is about. It’s about the length of the thread title.
See for example here: The OP put his entire question into the thread title. And the question here is whether this should stay allowed or not.

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I’ve actually just edited it; it was a great example of how to make the forum unreadable.

I wouldn’t oppose setting a limit on the topic titles, does anyone know what vBulletin used?

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oh now i see
my bad

Agreed. That was crazy. I don’t know what the default setting in vBulletin is (or what we’d set in the previous instance), but somehow I don’t feel like the current limit is really any longer than what we had. Just the layout makes it take up more space than it used to. I could be wrong, though.

Changing it to 100 characters—or maybe even 64—would probably be fine. Alternatively, folks could just flag posts like this to make the moderation team aware of them and we can handle it from there.

I did a few checks and 64 is about one line of text on desktop. I’ll set it to 100 for now to allow a little more ‘slack’.

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I vote for no more than said 64 characters for thread-titles. Imho there are still too many annoyingly convoluted elongated blabber-glibberish-type thread-titles around.
Plus they seem to increase in numbers lately (might well just be a subjective, nonsensical impression though).

Anyway, I think some more restriction would be beneficial. And I can’t see how said restriction would hurtz anyone.
After all, above quote itself has exayctly 63 characters, if we count the full stop.

Well, that’s just my two cents, after all.

greetings, Kologe