The Asylum - My graduation film

Well here’s my graduation film C&C’s are welcome of course. Finally graduated in August and I did some corrections to the film in september, but now it’s done at last.:smiley: The film is “silent”, meaning it has no spoken dialog (or any other kind) but it does have a musical score, so there is sound.

I posted some WIP’s of the models way back in the WIP forum. I’m curious to hear some fresh feedback, most people who have seen the film have been there during it’s production. I’m going to submit this to the Blender Convention this year.

Al of the 3D work was done in Blender 2.41 the compositing work was done in After Effects.


Project website:
The film: 25 MB MPG-1 updated


This truly looks like a good movie, way too big for my crappy dial up connection though :-p. Plus, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with most video files on my computer lately…

Overall, great old horror film feeling. I loved the old B&W horror films. Just great stuff.

Some of the animation was a bit jerky in spots. But it was minor. The initial camera fly in, imo, didn’t need the stops. Should have been fluid through the whole thing.

Great little story though. Really good.



I think there’s something strange going on with that file. Gets REAL jerky towards the end in MediaPlayer, but didn’t see any stops in that initial camera fly-in (unless BgDM was on about the cuts synced with the lightning). Completely locks up in VLC towards the end. Finally got a pretty smooth playback (but not perfect) when I watched it with VirtualDub. (AMD64 1gb ram)

Anyway, fantastic work that is. Inspiration for this Blenderhead for sure. I’m curious about the total production time.

I also had playback problems with everything except VirtualDub.

Nevertheless, great animation & horror mood, and congrats on graduating!

Sounds like it wasn’t compressed very much. Windows media player can only handle so much…

I’ll have too take a look at the compression then, I didn’t have any problems during playback on my system. I think I will post a quicktime version as wel, it might give better playback on-line.

Thanx for the feedback. :slight_smile:

very nice, well done!

also on my pc it frezzes towards the end, maybe produce a divx or a mov file

[Same as bgDM said]
The only thing I felt that I realy missed was some of those black screens with what they are saying. That would give the movie one star more (5 instead of 4) :wink:

Haha, very good work MadMesh! And congratulations with the graduation! I find it really cool that it hasn’t got any spoken lines in it for the music was very very well done! I like the way the characters look and a lot of shots were done, like the shadow-shots and the almost film-noir (Sin City or so)-like effects, really cool! Nice little story too. Like kothe I voted 4 stars but I didn’t missed the text-screens, but I find the animation was sometimes not top of the pop.

One thing I did notice… When igor sheilds his eyes away from the ray of light, the shadow hit no where near his eyes making the sheilding motion absolutely useless to him.

excellent! great style. i love the lighting.
(i also had problems with the mpg getting choppy near the end in both VLC and the quicktime player.)

Great animation. Modelling is very good. Did you render it al in black and white? And is it quicker as a full color rendering?

Awesome animation.

5 stars from me :slight_smile:


Such a shame about the jerkyness at the end, the only way to figure out the ending was by clicking everywhere on the timeline to hopefully get some frames.

To be honest I thought the faces of the characters didn’t really look so good. The ‘patient’ looked a bit robotic, dunno, a bit emotionless. The scientist has a lot of Proog going on (but then again, that’s just the thing that fits these stereotypes). Anyway, for me the faces weren’t quite there yet.

What I do like is the mood, thanks to the great black and white and the convincing looking objects and scenes. It almost had a Tim Burtonesk feel to it… hey, I said almost.


Gefeliciteerd met je afstuderen,

I’m really frustrated by the mpg quality, i’ll try to fix it asap. Thanx for your feedback all :slight_smile:

I left those text screens out, I’m not a very big fan of those. It would mean I had to let the characters “be seen speaking” without the sound, and then ad the screens with the text. And i’m not very good at writing dialog :smiley:

I did render it in black and white but I dont think it’s any quicker, the images just get saved as black and white but it still renders in color. I could be mistaken, but I didn’t notice any speed-up it does save a lot of disk space though.

I know about that, the eyes have their own (layer) lamps. I did this to show the reaction of Igor to the entrance of the professor. It’s difficult to show fear in his expression without showing the eyes. I know it’s cheating, but I still think the shot is better because of it.

That was fantastic! My only “beef” is the shinyness of the gloves. Just a little too much…

Awesome stuff.

I updated the link to point to a new MPG version of the film, its slightly larger though 25 MB. I couldn’t get it further compressed without corrupting more and more of the end. It’s still a bit jerky at the end, but it plays back well if you run it from your HD. I hope you still view it in it’s full glory :smiley:

Absolutely amazing and inspiring. And congratulations on your graduation.

Haha, i really liked it.

Felt sorry for Igor when he was cowering next to the drawbridge.