The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

The problem with the store vertex colors y that the colors became too dark.

That bug is fixed right?

Actually, one of the earliest Blender Studio features was also not stylized:


that movie was awesome, specially because ian hubert was involved in most of the production…


Mainly robots. That does not look like a challenge for sculpt mode or rigging / animation system.
I don’t expect an human character mainly covered by clothes to have a realistic muscle system.

That looks more like a target for instancing, rendering, caching, asset management.

But if story is really action-packed, realism could imply cloth simulation, rocks fracturing and props demolition. I am wondering if they will use a commercial addon for that, or create geometry nodes simulation solvers / a fracture node or just avoid to show such FX in the story or blur everything in the background.


I created a brush manager for Blender called Rune. I hope it will help you in sculpting.


Retopology Mode in Blender :thinking:
Oh boy... :fire:


At last, we are getting a separate mode for this! :trophy:

Will be nice having all the necessary features for retopology combined under a single unified workflow. Although the current method is all right because of a couple of add-ons besides RetopoFlow, it just can’t measure up to the simplicity of Maya’s retopology workflow that I have been using at school for the past months.

Personally I hope to see some serious upgrades to Quad Draw and a porting over of the Relax Brush algorithm from Sculpt Mode along with the already mentioned features.


Yeah yeah yeah… I hate the idea of a separate mode… but I guess there’s no way out…


Have management of these improved with the Asset Browser? This is terrible news if not. Matcaps and Studio Lighting have the worst management interface in Blender 2.9 and lower.

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I believe there is no matcap and studio light management within the asset browser. But i might be wrong.

No words on perfomance improvements for high res sculpting? Hmmmm…

I wonder how the performance of sculpt layers would be if they implement it without improving the overall performance of sculpt mode first… Hmm…


Sculpt layers finally… great! Actual texture paint layers discussion in a meeting about texturing and painting would be kinda cool :smiley: (i know there are addons haha)


Currently, when you enable Extended Asset Browser experimental user preferences, brushes can be marked as assets, be visible in asset browser. But they can not be loaded in a new .blend file.

Blender is missing Brush Picker. The third step mentioned in this blog article.

They explained in an older article that they wanted to provided a custom library of brunch loaded in any new project as a preference.

People requested its own file format for brushes to be able to create exchanges of brushes between apps.

I remember discussions about high level of displacement managed as displacement maps.
Some sculpt layers could be poly displacement with current brush tools. Some could be painted displacement with other tools.
I think that is why Displacement baking is mentioned as a priority.


The performance improvements are currently in that branch from Joe Eager regarding the new sculpt core. The patches that will come out of it are so big and rework so many areas that the review process is going to be a long one (as we can see already with Sculpt Vertex Colors).


Really excited to see this on the agenda. Would love to see Blender get some Mush3D functionality.

Currently blender alembic is lacking some features to be usable in production, but getting some tools to do corrective sculpting on them would be huge.


-’‘The 3D Texture paint brush. ‘’
Does it include multichannel brush painting?
‘’ Storing strokes as 3D curves to change settings after a stroke’’
It would be cool if the changed settings of the saved stroke can be reapplied to different layers or textures rather than the strokes being limited to the layer or textures the stroke was painted on.

Glad they are working on a realistic animation project. This will help with improving and implementing features that would make realistic projects with Blender easier and more manageable.


Exactly this. I’m super happy about the choice to go the realistic route this time.


If they use displacement textures on high levels, this paper could be useful:

It reduces a lot the RAM needed for displacement. From some GB it can render the same or "better’ with a few MB.