The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 2)

We need it that is for sure. Thanks for bringing it up, I even liked the patch back then. I hope that @Julien_Kaspar would be interested in mentioning it in one of the sculpt meetings.


I need something like that for the sculpting system. I don’t want to “learn how to sculpt”. I want to learn how everything in the system works. THEN I might be willing to spend some time learning how to sculpt.

@thinsoldier To get a high level overview I put together the new user manual introduction. If there is any information/use cases or important showcases missing in there or anything could be elaborated, let me know.
I would love this to become a reliable “source of truth” to understand the system and how everything fits together. For that this needs regular feedback between devs and artists :slight_smile:

About the Texture mesh filter, it looks like this needed some more work. If a developer would be willing to pick the patch up and go through some more iteration we could get this into Blender.
Not sure what happened with the review. I assume that there were some conversations in on the other official channels instead.


Does this require UVs? Does this require not having UVs?

I’d really like a UV mapped image as mask based workflow so I can do this in Blender in a manner that feels more natural/intuitive:


By reading the patch’s description it seems like it uses some kind of cubemap projection… so no uvs support yet…
But yeah, uvs would be great there…

Great dead patch… ::sob:

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If that kind of mapping was supported in sculpt mode, that would be interesting for brushes, too.

Currently, it is possible to bake an UV image to a Color Attribute and then, to use Mask from Color tool.
But that will not work on geometry generated by a multires modifier.
Baking is limited to base mesh geometry.

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I think, at this point, node group operators (registering geometry nodes as operators in various modes) coming to Sculpt mode will solve this and more.


Using a displacement modifier works alright for these sot of things, but would be great to have something inside sculpt mode/mesh filters as well for this.

Now that you are talking about masking, it would be nice to have a bevel mask for the new texturing in the automasking as base to add edge wear and things like that, I think this is the most common set-up, I’m not sure about the noise texture …


Thanks for opening the thread :smiley:

I hope not… :slightly_smiling_face:
Personally I wouldn’t want to deal with nodes while sculpting…


Well I think that’s the point of node group operators. You don’t deal with nodes, just execute what nodes do from edit mode.

It means you don’t have to wait for developers with C/C++ or Python proficiencies to work on those kind of features. Someone who can deal with nodes can make and share those features, or better, they can be shipped with Blender as assets.


But, are those as performant as C/C++?

Geometry Nodes right now performs fairly well (as the underlying system is multithreaded and based on C++). It is possible to write nodes in Python though, but the language (in the stock configuration at least) is pretty awful from a performance standpoint (as in, one of the few ways you can actually do worse is introduce an API written in BASIC).

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I hope they don’t push essential tools through this route, buuuut, if it performs well on really high poly meshes I’ll take what I can get :joy:


Yeah, as an additional extra feature it’s fine, otherwise :-1:
Also I suspect that the performance won’t be that great on millions of polys… :thinking:
We’ll see…

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I’ve got the solution…

Blender Foundation buys Maxon, then throws C4D in the trashcan, and integrates ZBrush into Blender as Sculpt Mode!

It’s so easy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…and Zbrush releases/frees Sculptris. I still miss it as one of the cutest sculpting tools of all times.


How dare you… :rage:
U know the world is not ready to live without C4D… :stuck_out_tongue:

They must have deleted scupltris’s source code at this point… :smile:


Do you have any test numbers?