The Brushes

If you have a glass jar sitting on your table, and the jar is filled with brushes, and the sun looks into your window at the morning, you can guess what I’m going to say. About eleven o’clock in the morning brushes start to glare. Their joyful glow lasts no more than an hour. Soon the sun changes position and brushes go out. With them goes out something that Martin Seel called Appearing.

Done in Blender, rendered in Cycles.
~100k polygons (and several millions polygons generated by fur during rendering)
Render time - could easily be several days on my rig. Big thanks for Renegatt’s team and its GPUBOX software for helping me out with a final render in double resolution (and also with some drafts) :).

Additional info will appear here and in my blog. :slight_smile: Thanks for your attention!

Update 1. Posted Making-of at my blog:…r-brushes.html

very nice, everything :slight_smile:

Just Wow :slight_smile:

thank you, guys!

Очень реалистично!!, крутота!

Really great image :slight_smile:
Your text explains it very well, but the image speaks perfectly from itself anyway :wink:

Easydream - приятно, старался! Widduck, totally agree with you, image never can be fully described, as architecture can’t be danced or singed. I’ve mentioned Martin Seel for a reason - he had written about “Appearing”, aesthetic phenomenon. Not a verbal description or interpretation, but something that can’t be said, only felt.

Absolutely stunning! It looks even better than reality!

Amazing work.
A simple composition, so effective.
Pity, BA preview almost destroyed this superb photorealist render.

Michalis, great to hear it from you! composition is indeed inspired by the simple things, lying here and there in my room (or staying on the table) :).

jjjuho, thanks! your hyperbola makes me smile :slight_smile: tried to make it as close to reality, as I could

Just great work, 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Stunning! :slight_smile:

This is A-MA-ZING! Incredible level of realism, and it looks so beautiful! On the other hand, you could take a photo of your brushes jar.

I like the light, the dust particles and the general atmosphere. Great work.

nice mood yout set, like the level of detail and even the dust you’ve added

stunningly awesome

Yeah, but it would be to easy :slight_smile: there is something mesmerizing in things that are just about real.

Thank you, guys! dust is indeed what bright sun immediately detects and accentuates.

Wonderful! :slight_smile: