The Cabin

This was a really fun project to do. The nature assets I used in here are from Vegetation, Grassblade for Scatter and Scatter5 addon. I also used a few 3D scanned objects from Quixel.

Amazingly, I posted this on reddit as well and it reached 11k upvotes on the subreddit r/art

The “cabin” asset was actually from one of Kitbash3D’s kits called Treasure Islands. It’s supposed to be a pirate themed asset but in order to fit that in into my environment, I added wood planks to the main house that made it look like a cabin and surprisingly, it worked very well.

Here are all the Kitbash3D assets I use in this piece. They are all from the same Treasure Islands pack.

The lighting was quite hard to figure out at first. I want to set a warm and peaceful mood without making it look too orange as well. I went through a few iterations but this is the final lighting set up.

Then I finally post process this in Photoshop. My post process for this was simple, it was just adding smokes, more fog, some particles and imperfections, and finally some colour grading.

Last but not least, there are 4 other living things apart from the 2 obvious pigs as Easter eggs. See if you can find them. Comment how many you found. There will also be a revealed image in the comments section. See how many you get it right.

Thanks for reading!

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I think I found 3/4 of the Easter eggs…although I gotta admit, the 3rd one depends on how much BS and philosophizing you’re willing to tolerate. :rofl::rofl:

Oh hahah, I dont know which one you’re talking about but haha niceee!! Will be posting the revealed soon :smiley:

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Reveal Easter Eggs

How many did you find?

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Man that chicken was hidden. And I’m pretty sure I saw the mouse but didn’t actually recognize it was a mouse. :joy::sweat_smile:

So I got 2/4, then. My possible 3rd was going to be the fish over the door. The reason being:


We don’t actually know if the fish is still alive in the render. It’s still pretty vibrant, and nothing really indicates that it’s deceased. Furthermore, we don’t know who lives in this shack in the woods–it could be some sicko nutjob who likes hiding chickens in plain sight and putting live fish over his door. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hashaha love this part! Yeah I kinda intentionally added that fish to hide the chicken even more because of the contrast. People tend to get more triggered over something obvious that they keep missing. :joy:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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