The Cliff tower - 100% blender course released!

Hi Everyone,

I’m super happy to announce that I’ve finaly released my new full lengh course.
It’s a 100% blender tutorial on how to create a fantasy environement from scratch to final compositing.

check out the teaser :

Every single steps are available and detail to reproduce the fantastic concept from talented Corentin Chevanne ( and in partnership with

You’ll learn how to model this house and environement, sculpt and create your own tileable textures, shade, render and compose the scene entirely in blender!

Over 12 hours of video that can be taken by beginners (knowing blender basics) and advanced users including every step files, textures and ressources for each single chapter. It has been a huge amount of work to prepare this one so I hope you’ll love it :slight_smile:

the final image looks cool for sure, I hope I’ll have some time (and money :smiley: ) to get your course soon, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks friend, I do hope so :slight_smile:

Bought :slight_smile:

thanks for the effort

Thank you so much for your support.
Really hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

Me too :slight_smile: just bought. Thank you for this interesting tutorial.Eli

This looks awesome. I’ll try out the others tutorials. Everything looks amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks people, I’m so pleased you discover my tutorials and I get kind words from all of you. Fueling my will to do others!

amazing work mate!
how many time take you to create this course :O.
this is really ispiring how you develop really quick all your contend very fast.


Hi Jose, nice to hear from you. I think, if I sum the time worked on it, that it took me 200 hours or so to prepare it.

lovely worK! it looks awesome to me :smiley: keep it up

I got featured on 3Dtotal.
That’s cool.
Do not hesitate to vote for me if you liked my artwork :

i like the scene. i like the theme. when i will have the money i will probably buy it. cause i think that can improve my skill by 200% . (i’m pretty noob)

I saw it on BlenderNation, and i wanted to have him necessarily.
Now I lack only the time.
Thanks, it looks fantastic.

WAW, thanks for the feature.
I was absolutely not expecting this :slight_smile:


Pretty cool concept…!!! :slight_smile:

I am definitely considering this, your results look amazing!

Looks wonderful! Will be buying this. Just a fast question based upon what I currenly try to implement in my workflow - even if it is a fantasy scene, what is your opinion on using PBS/PBR in it ?

did this guy take credit for your work? he even claims it was done using maya

Looks very good :slight_smile: I think the object and the overall content of the course is really interesting.

I couldn’t find any technical information about it. Is it downloadcontent with a standard videoformat for offline-use or do I have to deal with streaming or some kind of online-activation? How large is the download?