The Core 01-04

Once the home of the less fortunate and other outsiders at the fringe of society,
taken away from them by the few of the rich upper-class,
collaborating with state and city authorities,
to forcefully push through their interests.
A security risk, a lost investment opportunity.

However, those times have long passed. The tower has been reclaimed,
as has much of the city since the crash of the neolib capitalist economy.
Nowadays, the tower once more provides some basic form of shelter
and securities of a lose social group for the few who managed
to arrange themselves with the situation in the cold
walls of the core.








Modeling, texturing & lighting Blender 3.1 & 3.2
Post-processing in Photoshop

Cycles X 320-512 samples Cuda GPU
OG Res 5760 x 3240
Frame times 2-4 hrs

Inspired by the skyscraper Ponte City in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its appearance, story and course through the years have been the foundation for these renders.
The idea was to capture its rougher and darker times ported into a possible future.

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That first picture is stunning. I love the red against the blue, really eye catching!

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Thank you! :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

The missing AO shots.
For some reasons, it wouldn’t upload on the opening post and give me error messages.




I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you very much! Always an honor.

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Very nice work!! I love the red lighting in the 1st image, but I’m drawn to the composition of the 3rd as well. I love the crisscrossing bridges silhouetted in the light. The structure, lighting, and colors overall remind me of the Panopticon from CONTROL:

Image source:


Thanks! And cool hint. I’ve heard of the game but never looked into it. It sounds like it could give me some nice inspiration for future projects!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Yeah Control has some amazing art direction! If you enjoy brutalist architecture and great lighting with a flair for the abstract, surreal, and monolithic you’ll love the environment art

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Beautiful composition! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic composition work here and also a big fan of the colors. I am inspired :smiley:

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I absolutely love the little story you put alongside this, the creativity is literally flooding out of this. And that’s not even mentioning the skill level it must take to create something as INCREDIBLE as this. 10/10


Thank you Bart!

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Thank you!

Nice, Ozymandias (the poem, of course)

Thank you both @millisworlds and @IvyKnight. Much appreciated!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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The first one has an Escape From New York vibe. Love it.

Thank you :slight_smile: