The Curious Drawings Of James F Robot.

It’s not every day I sit down and draw something by hand. :slight_smile: so here will be where I post my drawings when I make them. :smiley:

I’ve no clue how I came up with this. Kind of looks like the cross between a laughing car salesman and the famous troll face :smiley:
Enjoy! :smiley:

Everyone has at least one irrational fear. Turns out spam is this guy’s. :smiley:

Spam is something to be afraid of. :slight_smile: Keep drawing!

Yep! :smiley:

Will do.

Sometimes people just grow older.
in that case, you should probably get senior citizen discounts for your ten year olds :smiley:


Okay good start, I see you are working on your traditional skills. I find that drawing very lightly, then going over my lines with increasing pressure really helps. In my eyes these are not finished, you need to get out your black pencil and go back over the important lines. This allows you to “fix” them by fudging a little to one side or the other. Most importantly, it makes the mistakes look intentional. :slight_smile:

Keep practicing!

You mean like this?!
(didn’t quite understand fully what you meant. Sounded a lot like you said to make my line’s darker. Correct me if I’m wrong :o).

a few tips that will quickly pay dividends if you practise them often. take a sheet of paper and do this every day for about 20 to 15 minutes practices drawing free hand straight lines and circles and elipse. the key to drawing straight lines is to lock you fingers and wrists and draw it from the elbow or shoulder. also when you are shading like you are doing for the hair you hatching lines should be parallel to each other. if you cross hatch than the bottom hatching lines are parallel to each otherand the top lines run at a consistent angle to the bottom ones. What you are doing right now running you hatching lines in multiple directions on one form tends to look bad.

But what I do like about your drawings is that you draw with a very confident line that scratching thing most novices do with their lines is absent in most of your drawings. it is a bit there in the first drawing but not in the others.

Thanks! I keep forgetting to do this (laying down doesn’t help much either).

The drawings here are quite possibly the best I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work.

Thanks! I appreciate it. :smiley:

No worries - you have plenty of talent. And you learn quite quick too.

This is a “concept drawing” of a cover for a book I’m currently writing by myself.
Unlike with TFAFTD where I used Blender for the cover, this book will actually be hand illustrated by either yours truly or, if the publishers are going to pressure me, a more professional illustrator.
Of course, I have to get the book finished first.

Enjoy! :smiley:

You seem to have a good grasp of perspective, perhaps the 3D has helped with this :slight_smile: Your characters have charm and in a strange way your pursuit of achieving long straight strokes has given your pictures interesting line quality. I find the only thing most 3D artists appreciate in 2D work is usually digitally produced concept art but if you are interested in becoming a better 2D artist you shouldn’t cut yourself off from other styles and forms of expression. Since the emphasis of your work seems to be on characterization and mark making, you should look into the techniques of comic artists and graphic artists who rely on traditional and digital media alike. look at the work of master mark makers like Robert Crumb.

Sounds like a plan too. :slight_smile: mainly, I just like drawing for the heck of it. I’m not necessarily doing it for improvement…per se. However, I really wouldn’t mind all that much to brush up on it so that I’ll have a good looking picture (and besides, It MIGHT help with my horrendous doctor’s penscratch ;)).
Especially with this book, I might want to look up comic techniques (since this is a superhero story…and superheroes are associated with comics :D). But, since it’s a chapter book, the drawings will likely be at chapet beginnings. Not throughout the book like a picture book.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for any artist is the imaginative part.
Many people can draw or paint like a craftsman, but it is the creativity that is sometimes lacking to create anything original. You seem to have an abundance of creative ideas - and over time your skills as an artist will improve because of it.

Couldn’t agree more.

Here’s a 2D drawn version of one of the Characters from T.F.A.F.T.D. (our first book).

She doesn’t have the cloak here.
Enjoy! :smiley:

Take the time to clean up your work. It’s not that bad once it is presented properly.


Ah. So basically darken the lines (part of this is because I’m not using a scanner. I’m actually using a camera).