The Durian Dragon: First impressions from the Bcon photos

Okay, I have to stress this, while the picture is very Dragon-like and has all the typical features, I’m not sure if it’s actually a pureblood Dragon.

There’s two Dragon-like creatures that are known, the Dragon itself and the Wyvern, common knowledge puts a Dragon as having four legs or has a set of arms in addition to the wings. A Wyvern has wings and just two legs similar to that of a regular bird or a chicken, as I look at the Durian Dragon design I have to say this.

With just two legs (seen in the pic. with the creature in the air) in addition to the wings with no additional pair of arms or an additonal pair of legs as I saw in the pics., it’s actually a Wyvern.

Great googly moogly.

Check out Spawn’s dragons.

Nerd alert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyways, i doubt the Durian folks really cared that much about it when making the dragon. Or perhaps they meant it to be a Wyvern all along! It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

CD, with all due respect, shut the f*ck up about dragons if you want any of us to ever take you seriously. Exactly what makes you think your opinion on the durian dragon warrants a thread in News & Discussion anyhow?

If you still need proof, here’s a scanned Dragon drawing


The first picture has a pair of arms, legs, and wings. The second picture has a pair of wings, and just one pair of legs and no third pair of limbs anywhere like the creature unveiled for Durian.

Wyverns aren’t really seen in animations or films though.

Actually, Cyborg Dragon, dragons are more snake-like and do not have wings at all. And instead of flying per se, they more “swim” through the air.

Here are some artistic renderings of dragons:!Chinese_dragon.PNG

What you’re talking about is “Western Dragons”, which aren’t actually related to the dragon species, but rather are more closely related to some species of dinosaurs. Although by coincidence, some dragons do breath fire like “Western Dragons” do.

You mean “Eastern Dragons”. And who says Westerns aren’t really Dragons. On Dragonkin sites the overall Dragon species is chiefly divided between Westerns and Easterns when Dragon discussions take place.

A Wyvern isn’t neccesarily a ‘pure’ Dragon despite that it could be considered a cousin of the Westerns.

I find the discussions on whether westerns or easterns are the true Dragons similar to which sport is the true ‘Football’.

It’s a Griffgon, famed for breathing higher poly counts into sculpt mode along with cool particle flame and smoke effects. Anoraks will offer little protection against such a beast 8)

Dragons (and their related “species”) are kind of lame anyway. I don’t understand people’s current fascination with them. I like Asian-style designs with dragons in them, but when I see a trailer for a western “dragon” movie I have no interest at all in seeing it. It actually detracts from any interest I might have had in the first place. Sorry dragon-lovers.

Don’t forget those here who are Dragons (have a Dragon soul) as well, like me (which I’m about the only active one on this forum as I can truly confirm).:wink:

Wyvern or not, it doesn’t matter if it brings huge amounts of improvements to Blender.

That’s the true dragons spirit CD

I have heard of one or two other Dragons who know at least one person who’s a wyvern, so I really wouldn’t want to discriminate against those who may be that species (hence why I didn’t try to make wyverns look stupid in the pics. I posted), more power to them if a wyvern type is a Durian character, any otherkin wyverns out there reading Durian news and the possible final creature design would be thrilled they get a chance to see their species in the spotlight (because they don’t get to see that much).:wink:

I knew someone who thought he was Japanese in his soul (he was from North Philly). He bought a one way ticket to Japan, figuring that his Japanese soul would allow him to somehow learn to speak the language by osmosis, and have the locals accept him as one of their own. He ended up washing dishes in a bar in exchange for the right to sleep in a lean-to on the roof. Eventually, he ran into someone he knew from the States and bummed enough money for a ticket back to Angloville.

Moral: What we think we are in our soul probably has very little bearing on what’s actually there, and even less on the world around us.

Plus, I find the notion of linking to drawings on the Internet of mythical creatures as some kind of proof of anything to most likely be the awesomest thing I’ve ever heard.

(BTW: I have the soul of a Liger. Pretty much my favorite animal. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re bred for their magical abilities)

(BTW: I have the soul of a Liger. Pretty much my favorite animal. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re bred for their magical abilities)

And their nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… :wink:

Harkyman: Anyone who has a previous life as anything is not going to get all their memories and knowledge back right at the moment they realize who they are, and even then it seems more credible if you were an animal in a previous life.

As in my case accumulating a fair amount of Dragon memories after my realization came to be complete took years and even then it’s not even close to being enough for a 100 page autobiography. Humans who believe they were humans in a previous life gets a bit discredited partly because so many believe they were of royalty (which that chance is very, very remote).

And for the record, my sudden unprovoked deep interest in Dragons existed before I was even a member on this forum, it’s just that on BA I kept it secret and suppressed until Super Wu-Man coming on the scene gave me the perfect avenue to begin expressing it.

Dragons are real, not imaginary. They a type of lizard that grew large and some of them could breathe fire (probably with a system like a bombardier beetle). Fossils that have been discovered of them are usually called ‘dinosaurs’. I’m not really sure if there really was one that could both fly and breathe fire, but maybe. Hollow chambers in the head contained the fluids they produced for the fire. They probably went extinct in the middle ages sometime, when they were hunted by man. Most or all cultures remember these creatures in legend and art. (Though sometimes rather stylized art)

Though that really has nothing to do with making a fantasy movie. My Dad’s written two novels based on the idea that dragons are real creatures, so had to throw my two cents in. :slight_smile:

And, therefore, the very first model I made in Blender by myself was a dragon, too. Though it looked pretty bad. :frowning:

hey cd what’s jesus saying on that you was dragon in past life?

Dragon soul? past life? … what the?!?.. I really hope this is some kind of twisted joke. At least keep this crap away from us and Blender. It is no wonder that so many people look down upon Blender with users like this.

No, I mean dragons. So called “eastern dragons” pre-date western dragons by quite a bit. And they’re obviously a totally different species. So they get the title.

Same with football, by the way (since you brought it up). Everyone knows that so-called “European football” or “soccer” is the real football.