The Dynamic Topology Branch is here! Now in Trunk!

zbrush is $700 to expensive for most blender users,
especially when it has such a horrible interface.

Technically if you are using ZBrush to make money, $700 isn’t much at all. Would pay off with 1 or 2 3D characters made to order.

But you can’t simply turn Blender in all-in-one one of a kind best 3D app ever which sets the tone of strange-innovative workflow for all artists

I can’t. I’m not a developer. But I can keep asking for this. The lack of a well organized workflow is missing. Something that produces works of good quality.
When did I say that I don’t like normal maps? There are some disadvantages though. Especially on cycles.
Mehslab, no, I have it here but I don’t use it. I use zbrush and 3dcoat. I gave my money alright, I should use them.
I do. Zbrush is far superior and organized to blender sculpting. Not more innovative though.

What I’m trying to do with all that…
I’m posting and posting artwork… why don’t you visit my thread on finished projects topic? I did post some thoughts on sculpting. You don’t have to agree of course. I don’t give any"orders" or something, I had to read and comment on this as well.

I saw most of your work. I just don’t understand what do you need, besides high quality displacement maps, which incidentally has nothing to do with Shrinkwrap.

In my opinion this thread is about getting feedback about dyntopo, talking and showing what is possible with this wip feature, what kind of limitations exist and how the tool can be improved. It should be about helping Nicholas with useful feedback. I personally love to see the images and videos you all show here and I could imagine that it is motivating for a developer too, to see what people can do with the tool. But this thread is maybe not the right place to talk to much about the artwork itself, because it don’t help to improve the tool to talk about anatomy.

I can understand that an artist like and need this kind of feedback, but the artwork section is maybe a better place for this kind of topic.

Here we should try to help and motivate the developer by giving useful feedback and showcase what kind of artwork you all can do with this cool new feature.

I can’t imagine how many hours of work it is to develop a tool like this and how much motivation a developer need to do it, but I think it’s much more then the fun we have by playing around with it.

michalis, maybe a link to your wip threads in your signature can help, I wasn’t aware that you post your images in a own thread too.

I saw most of your work. I just don’t understand what do you need, besides high quality displacement maps, which incidentally has nothing to do with Shrinkwrap.

incidentally, lol, it produces better and crisper displacement maps. I can prove it.
incidentally, it provides me with a multi subdivided mesh, ideal for more sculpting.
incidentally, my turn now, why to use displacement maps in blender when having a nice multi subd mesh with nice topology for rigging etc? 1 subd for preview, full subd for cycles.

this is my 2,222 post LOL
An idea.
Why don’t we start a thread, let’s say in blender tests topic, collecting all our dynatopo artwork there? Anyone can start it and I’ll follow. Not much talking, just artwork. It might surprises you that the majority of blender users haven’t realize what dynamic topology is about.

We don’t have much more to test.
Waiting for a new build, the lagging that starts after some polygons count is the major problem IMO. For the moment. A second issue is the dirt that “collapse short faces” leaves behind. A workaround is already posted but I expect a more appropriate solution from Nicholas. A third issue is the re-symmetry tool. It creates some dirt that it’s a bit more difficult to clean up. But it is an optional tool.
This beautiful tool runs already and can go into trunk builds. IMO.

Great idea. I would also like to talk more about dyntopo artwork, sculpting technics and anatomy in a place where this is the topic. We can maybe all learn from each other

Use xNormal for crisp displacement maps, straight forward solution. And use high resolution image for that too.

That really makes no sense. You either sculpt in Multires with Dunatopo disabled, or use Dynatopo only. You can’t have sub-d on triangulated mesh. maybe Nicholas can add support for remeshing Dynatopo and then subdividing it. Don’t know the underlying tech for Multires modifier works.

Do you really even bother to see how other artists do it? Do you even care how Pixar does it for that matter? Certainly they don’t do it your way.

That is a good idea indeed!

just goes to show blenders interface may have never been the problem…lol…I actually liked the old one better…meh…I also hate the ui from zbrush…double yuck!..what a pita too.

That is a good idea indeed!

Yeah, thanks.
So, motorsep, Inspir3dArt or anyone else, do start it. I will follow.
I do not give orders LOL. right? I won’t start it. LOL again.

Thanks man. I already posted some.
I hope, all of friends of dynatopo will follow.

if you have an object using dynatopo with a multres
where do you set the mirror for sculpting ?

and did anyone had time to test the free soft for baking ?

SMAK Normal map generation

Check this out…


A sculptris like UI? Very nice!
Jealous. I’m a mac user. lol

the baking process looks impressive
the free version does not have all of the feature
but it is interactive in 3D view

wish we had something like this in blender !

anyone else had a chance to test this ?

and what about this mirror thing in sculpt mode
how to set it ?


Don’t take it seriously, it’s just a friendly reminder that it’d be nice to see more images than arguing! :wink: But I see that another thread has been set up for that now, which is great. It wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, of course you are posting loads of examples.

I stole the CTRL+A shortcut in dyntopo for testing undo-related things (a temporary key binding.) If you remap it to skin radius scaling operator it should work fine.

I’m in front of some serious problem. I saved preferences as default and now all my blender builds are unable to run skin modifier.
ctrl+a crashes blender.
If I remap ctrl+A … I don’t know where to find it, I spend my time for this, searching reading, nothing. A complete newbie on this.
Please help. Show me where to find “skin radius scaling operator”. Please.
I give up. No skin mod for me. I have made so many changes on the blender GUI and I won’t turn it to default.

Try file -> user preferences -> input
In the search bar type :


There you should be able to remap the CTRL+A into something else

There is only skin resize and ctrl+A is already mapped.
skin radius operation?
Sorry, I only messed blender.
I used factory defaults and all work ok, except the dynatopo builds. If I hit “save as default” on dyntopo preferences this messes all blender builds. Just a warning.

before next time a problem happen go to you local 2.63 folder and save the start file into another folder
so if y ever loose it again you have and independant backup !