The eggs

Hi all,

This is a scene I modelled some times ago and I rendered it with Blender internal without much satisfaction mainly due to the lack of radiosity, in spite of the usage of AO. I revisited it, made some changes and rendered it with Yafray and GI. For the container, I used clouds procedural texture with huge bump. I also used a procedural texture for the cockle.

Modelled : Blender
Rendered : Yafray
Postprocessing : a few color correction and DOF

C&C are of course welcome

I really like it. Two things that bother me though: the yolk is way to reflective and the eggs could use a tiny bit less specularity. Despite that, good job. :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Very, very realistic.

The egg white seems to be a bit more like glass than fluid like. Maybe a bit more opaque. Also, the yolk seems a bit too reflective imo. Not much, just a tad bit too much.


Yeah the yold is too reflective.
And its also too orange. Should be more yellowish.
Otherwise great.

Thanks to all,

Yeah, I made some corrections on the yolk, less reflective and more yellonish.

Shit!!! I can’t believe how realistic it looks…:eek:
excellent work with the realism enricoceric.
5 stars


Great work…but…that paper texture isn’t doing it for me. It just seems odd to me, looking so real yet so CGish. Probably because it is only a bump map and not a real displacement map. At first I didn’t even know what was worrying me about the picture…

But other than that stunning work and the eggs are simply fantastic :slight_smile:

Superb work,
Is the black area on the inner part of the broken shell supposed to be where the membrane has separated from the shell?

Very nice! Just one nag from me, though. The cross that appears on the peaks of the eggbox mould.

Much better.
5 stars!

Oh God, it looks so real… congratulations! :smiley:

As always, you really know how to squeeze the juice out of yafray :slight_smile:

Wow great image, man!:eek:

As already mentioned, the cardboard/paper stuff material isn’t really right. Looks
too slimy and low-detailed. Also, the eggs might be a bit too rough in the surface
to be chicken eggs (I assume they are chicken eggs…?).

Keep it up! Hope to see an update from you giving it the last notch upwards.
Then, I’ll cast my vote (obviously can’t be anything but 5 stars, but out of principle,
I’ll wait and see). :slight_smile:

Looks awesome!!

The cracked egg…the edges have some shading issues, like there arent enough vertices or something…not quite sure.

Looks amazingly realy though!!



I agree… Somehow the bump appears to be… too regular, almost. Very difficult to place, and minor, but…

Not sure what the crosses are for, my eggboxes don’t have crosses. Also, eggboxes 'round here have squarer humps than that, but… :slight_smile:
Someone else said that the eggs are too rough… Just ever so slightly, I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

The one new thing I have to say is that the pieces of shell appear to have no thickness - unlikely the actual broken eggs, where the detail on the edges is fantastic.

This already looks very, very good!

Here are some thoughts that might help making it even more realistic:

  • the paper might look better using displacement (as mentioned earlier) and maybe some colour variation on the texture
  • I think the egg bump texture needs to be finer and less strong
  • the eggshell looks a bit too thick (the one that’s close to the camera)
  • the egg yolk looks too flat, I think should be more spherical as long as it’s in the shell

Keep up the good work.


EXCELLENT! Much better than mine:\san_diego_james\eggfamily.jpg

BIG CRIT: The edges on the broken shell in the lower right are horrible. Horribly regular I mean. It looks like you just deleted verteces and left the steping stairs effect. all you need to do is manually move some of the edge points (almost all of them)

The problem with the cardboard isn’t really the lack of displacement, but the actual way the light is interacting with the box. it needs a little sss

That’s truly remarkable!!! Very realistic, great texturing, great lighting, great modelling, and great render overal! Only I do agree that the edges of the egg in the lower right does not look realistic.

Wow… I could seriously smell the egg carton… I can’t believe this isn’t real, except for the egg edge on the lower right, which I only noticed when people pointed it out anyway! 5 stars from me!

Absolutely stunning !!
great work,
Q: how much time did it take to render the thing ?

keep up the good work, 5 *