The Fan Thread!

A thread where people post pictures and talk about things they’re fans of! :smiley:

I’ll start it off:

The Beatles:

One of the best bands ever. Favorite song of mine has to be Help! That is an awesome song, and I’ve played it exactly 106 times :yes:

Zooey Deschanel

Let the picture speak for itself… :slight_smile:


A great car, and it’s British too! :smiley: Almost nothing beats British car designers!

Now I’ll let you post some stuff of your fandoms. :smiley:

Well, this is an interesting idea…

As you might be able to tell from my signature, I love the Beatles too! My favorite song is I Am the Walrus–one of those songs that most people either love or hate, I think.

And that Mclaren is truly beautiful! :eyebrowlift:

My personal fandom is John Lennon (somewhat related to the previous post, I know…)

Don’t know what the panda is all about but still…

And finally,
I’d never seen that one before!


Also considering that you’re my sister, yes I can tell you’re a Beatles fan. Even without your signature. :wink:

I am a fan of Fernando Alonso, the formula 1 driver for the scuderia ferrari team. For those who are not familiar, he is a double world champion, a feat which is not that common in the championship. At the time he made it as a champion, he was the youngest ever to achieve such distinction. I like his driving style, knowing when to be aggressive and doing it with class. Class in this discipline would have something to do with overtaking.

Family blending… Cool! I wish I had blending family too. Wake up in morning and ask your mother whats in breakfast and she’ll reply ginger breadmen and jelly in shape of monkey head. Definietely cool :wink:

Hahaha!!! I’m trying to get my sisters into blender. They want to try but they also have things they like more.
My dad may use blender soon though.
I’m a portal fanatic! I made this because I am one :D.

I am also a fan of Pixar. But I can’t show any pictures cause I don’t have any links. A link to Pixar planet (a forum for Pixar geeks) but nothing else.

Finally I’m a fan of my own characters (especially this one as of late)
There’s all of my fandom :D.

Were done here!

Another car, but I personally really like the Ford/Hennesy Motors Venom GT. Only problem, they only made ten of them this year, and charged 600,000 apiece.

One other great thing…

Then take a look at this collision of fandoms! :smiley:

…Yeah, that’s the 2.57 splash screen… :wink:

HA! now if only I could firgure out how to do the portal effect with live action video.

Ahh, I love Beatles! There is no doubt that they are the forever legend to music field over the world! It is enjoyable to listen to the wonderful tones!

@schwaberry, I slighly paraphrased your sentence, to fit my opion…

Ahh, I “strongly dislike” Beatles… There is no doubt that they are the worst legend ever created in any music field over the world! It is torture to listen to the horiffic jangles… :smiley:

I will admit to the fact that “Oh Bla Di, Oh Bla Da,” is a great song however.

You know I’ll admit I more dislike them than like them.
I often joke by saying I have a can of bug spray ready ;).

Hehehe… :smiley:

If we are going to bring this thread back up, I guess someone has to post on something rather than the Beatles…

So, as I like the San Francisco Giants, here goes.


We might just have to agree to disagree, but first, man, listen to something like Across the Universe. Or I Need You. They did such a wide variety of music that there’s sure to be something by them that you like (Besides Ob La Di Ob La Da. Good that you like that one though :slight_smile:

What bands do you listen to? I for one, enjoy Coldplay. And The Bravery.

Of course, I can’t persuade you to like the Beatles. But you should give them more of a chance. :smiley:


Green Day:

They look weird in that pic, but their music is epic!

I don’t really enjoy Coldplay, never heard The Bravery. I will really listen to anything, execpt for Jazz and Blues. I listen to most of my music randomly fliiping through radio stations, but use Pandora Internet Radio as well.

I am currently listening to:

Black Eyed Peas
Rich Mullins
The Dixie Chicks
Kelly Clarkson
Taylor Swift (Sorry, but I have to admit I like it. And you thought Taylor Swift only made fans of 13-15 year old girls, didn’t you?). :smiley:

As you can see, a pretty diverse group of bands… But I like them…

I did remember one other Beatles song that I liked. Come Together is pretty good.

If you really like music, I did stumble upon a great service the other day. I use Pandora, because it’s free, but if you like your music on demand, MOG is a great tool… They offfer on demand music for $5 US per month.

Well do you like John Lennon’s Imagine? (John Lennon as a solo artist)

Yeah it’s good, the music is fine, but I think his voice takes away from the value.

If you want a really random band, check out Bowling For Soup. They have almost no musical value, but some of the songs are okay. Beware, the lyrics are less than clean…

Probably the greatest song:

Oh…Ok! :stuck_out_tongue: If you insist, I think his voice has a great rock/roll quality that few singers have today. But maybe you like more modern music.

One thing: Do you like Zooey Deschanel? (If you’re a boy, obviously XD)

She is cute… I am a boy, so what else can I say… XD

To me, it sound’s like the Chris Martin of Coldplay always has a cold, because his voice is so nasal… Do I have a valid point?

I like Windows 7’s Gadget capabilities as well… I esp like the ones that will give me the comics straight to my desktop… As you can see, Garfield comes in every morning, Dilbert will do the same, though I do not have it open in the image.