The Florist

Hello guys!

Today I bring you another character that I developed for the project together with Rogério Perdiz, Resilience Satelle.

This time, she is a female character and also the village florist. I must say that she is the character that I liked the most, so far, to do.

I started, as I always do, by looking for references and using them in a sketch I made of the character to use as a base.

I started by modeling the clothes from in the inside → out , in separate parts , until I have the complete details. The last thing I always do in the characters is the hair details.

Then I remove the geometry that remains and join it in a single object, to make it easier to then paint the textures.

As soon as the geometry is simple and clean, I use Blender Texture Paint to start painting more detailed textures.

Finally, a skeleton is placed by Rogerio Perdiz, so that it is ready to animate and come to life.

When finished, our florist can then enchant with her flowers: D

All work is done using Blender only.

If you are curious about our personal project, access the link:
Resilience Satelle | r.i.c.e
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All doubts and opinions will always be considered with care by us.

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Hope you like it!!
Best regards,
Rute Perdiz