The future of gaming

hey guys im not sure how many of you guys look over at cgtalks CG Choice Gallery but i was having a look and saw this
done by tredistudio

how long do you think it will be before we see this kind of stuff on playstations and computergames? if ever

Depends if you take the effort of making all the content into account and not only render quality…

Not all issues are about technology but also about nr of manhours… and that is why “full” realism never will be reached imo. It would take to long time to make.

It would take too long unless you enlist the help of procedural algorithms.

In 15 years you will experience an entirely new microprocessor
capable of delivering speeds unseen by anyone so far.

The technology most likely will be used in GPU’s first, but
will soon make it to commonplace CPU’s.

We just need to sell everything that has been produced
already…and all those plans, developments that already
have been invested in first - nothing but business.

You could have this technology today, but the pre-made
investments in existing technology have to be “burnt” up
and you’ve got to spend all your money - first!

The same with oil and gasoline really…we have hybrid car
tech - but your’re already too dependent on the money you
make on this…it’s like you’re all on drugs…money being the drug.

But it will come - rest assured. :wink:

I don’t think the home computer processing speed will get above 70.72 teraflops (IBM’s BlueGene/L, the fastest super computer in the world in 2004) :wink:

btw: 1 teraflop == 10^12 floating point operations per sec. :o

well I read an interview with Carmack (creator of doom and father of the doom3 engine for the ones that don’t know)

and he was explaining where we were at this moment in the gaming world. graphic wise, we can praticly recreate a fully photorealistic human, we just lack the power to make it show in realtime, but this will come ina few years. Althought, the time it takes to make it, to create the environment that will interact with it (full physics laws applied to every possible objects in the game, animation that goes with the character, every subtle move to make “him” “alive”)…all of this would need quite a big team and quite alot of time and money…hence making the game cost a few hundred dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

we won’t see that anytime soon, unless they discover a way of making such things real fast (procedural algorithm like someone mentionned still have a long way to go before being perfect)…and even if they do, is it really needed? Even tho I am a, and all of you are, “visual quality addict”, I still prefer a good gameplay over a good looking game. so unless they doesn’t find a very good way of making things in a cheap way, I don’t think we’ll ever see such quality in games, at least not soon

ps: that astronaut is totally awesome

Well, the polycount on that is certainly feasible on next gen hardware.

Keep in mind, video games have always found ways to cheat at certain graphics processes. Being physically correct isn’t even a luxury render farms for big budget movies can afford yet.

Also consider the resolution most console games run at. Even at 720p/1080i for the next generation, thats drastically smaller than render sizes for most movies and print, so that reduces cpu/gpu load quite a bit. It also reduces the workload for texture creation by artists. (Though admittedly the next gen textures are pretty damned big compared to the last gen’s)

Will games get there? I have no doubt, and they’ll probably approach the quality seen above by the end of the next generation. However, when/if they do, I think we’ll see a backlash, as with art in the 60s, photorealism just ain’t that fulfilling.

What about functional quantum computers? If some company comes up with a useable quantum computer (even as a supplemental computational unit on traditional computers), that would kill any computer currently on the market… theoretically … :slight_smile:

From what I’ve read, quantum computing really wouldn’t be good for desktop uses. Infact, it’d be practically useless.

Quantum computing is supposedly only really good for cryptography, and searches.

But then, since there isn’t a working (almost, but not yet) quantum chip in existence at the moment, who knows? :slight_smile:

Optical based computing might be a better future for the home though. Light based capacitors and transistors have already been shown to be possible in laboratories around the world. (Light can infact be completely stopped, and released at a given time, making this possible, but you need some pretty fancy materials and gasses)

As time goes on we may not even call this stuff computer games. We may even begin to live, work and play like this in some virtual reality. You want to go to the moon, well think about the moon. You wanna go out and party, well get a group of your friends together on the net and think up a party.

I want my cyber glove like now man…hehehehe. Brought to you by intel biochemtech baby. It’s the intel inside your head. %|

As time goes on we may not even call this stuff computer games. We may even begin to live, work and play like this in some virtual reality.[/quote]

I can tell you would mean something like the Matrix.
If you mean that then i’ve told you already, it will be possible when the idea of Brain Beaming gets developed.

Though i’m not sure of everyone going in and living there permanently, some people don’t really play games.

I was certain it was a photo until I realised that shadows are much, much darker on the moon. It is still within perfect (The Image) But I believe that we could achieve that amount of Poly’s with a major breakthrough in technology but it certainly won’t be soon. For now we will just have to do with extremely detailed models in cut-scenes. The body detail doesn’t need as much improvement as the animation as we are very far from the fluidity of true human movement. The question is not if we will see that in a video game, it’s when.

oh my god, that rendering is gorgous!

Great render but the reflection on his helmet is not vefry logica ‘he mapped and official photo on it’.

If you look at the rate new algorithims,new technology and the emergence of render cards into Graphics cards and just simply look at the screenshots of the nextgen concoles you will come to the conclusion it won’t take very long

Well, besides quantum computers, they have gotten the ability to cheaply produce sepperate components made out of single atoms, using “Quantum Dots.” This is sepperate from quantum computing, which uses the quantum mechanics of opposites (1, 0) happening in one gate simultaneously, as this is normal computing uber small. I’ve reaserached both “Quantum Computers,” and the one with atomic components looks more promising for home computers, and will make the speed for the avverage processor from 1.0 gigahertz, to 1.0 terahertz. And that is AVERAGE computer speed.

Not only that, but they’ve already made fully functional computers in this way, and it’s potent is high enough that they will be able to make a computer the size and power of a human brain, and THAT is big news.

So all we have to do is plug all the blender (or even Yafray) render features into the game engine and it will work in realtime. :wink:

But wait, what about the poor people who would still have 200 mhz computers?

Haven’t read everything here yet, but I think I should point out that the Gollum that you see onscreen in the LOTR movies is completely CG, animated with motion capture technology. making gollum video Having that kind of photo-realism in video games would be awesome! 8) :o

I know of that, the CG in the movies now days is amazing compared with earlier attempts, ever seen Jumanji, they had CG monkeys in it and it downright looked like CG. I could tell they were CG in the first place because they didn’t look quite real.

What amazes me is that Gollum can stand even close scrutiny and still not look CG. That has to be one of the most amazing things to me about the LOTR films.

Well, as far as I can see, this starts to become a completely different discussion than the title suggests - and probably the main problem that today’s game industry has.

I recall reading an article about the lack of original ideas in games, and sadly I can only agree here. You’re talking about the future of games yet you mean “how good will the graphics be”? Maybe it’s just me but I enjoyed the old games on consoles like the N64 or the gamboy A LOT. And their graphis are just ridiculous, compared to today’s possibilities…

So, here we have the major problem again - noone seems to care about the game ITSELF. Everyone screams for more, better, faster, more realisitc graphics and sounds yet this is NOT what the actual game consists of. We could call it “Graphical Demonstration” if we’d want something like that…

Well, I hope you get my point - of course, I am really interested in better graphics and I am really fascinated by today’s technologies yet I haven’t seen a really, really good game in a long time. Even as a Nintendo fan (and these are usually people devoted to everything Big N does…). It’s just the lack of story, emotion, gameplay that keeps me from buying new stuff. Definitely not the Graphics.

And yeah, this is just my honest opinion and I’m sorry if I got a little “mad” :wink: