The Garbage Man's Salvation (scene page 2)

See the future :o

Garbage men unite! Your salvation is here! The techy trash-can!

Featuring -

  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • Titanium outer shell
  • Antenna to broadcast when it’s full

insane cackling laugh inserted here

Well, for the project itself, it started off as a greebling project, to just load the whole thing up with as many crazy gizmos and gadgets as I could find.
Then, when I finished the majority of my modelling, I began texturing.
The main two things I textured in this are the weird little striped lines in the middle, and I created a custom scratch map which is now applied over the whole beast.

I plan on possibly doing a futuristic alleyway scene with this and at the very least just finishing off the material.

Thanx =P

is it for the BWC?

I really like it! I wont one, lol! This is great work :smiley: I have never seen such a detailed trashcan…

Fonix Wircs - Nope, haven’t participated in the Blender World Cup yet. Why? I thought the subject was tanks… Smerity starts imagining tank modifications to the American Military’s trashcans

Ataryu - Only problem is that they’ve got such good parts, by the time you’ve bought one it’s already been stolen for the CPU =P

Woah, now that’s a neat thing to have! But imagine if someone will have into your trash can’s system and turn it against you! :o


This satelite realy does look a lot like a trashcan, indeed.

This is a very cool design concept. Excellent stuff.


Funny idea, huge attention to detail!

Yo Smerf! Like I have told ya, groovy trashcan! I want one. :smiley:
The model is great, can’t wait to see more. Keep working on those textures!

Keep it up,


hmm the subject isn’t tank…tank was the subject of my battle with alltaken…nothing to do with the world cup. The world cup subject is: prototype that will never be made

So go post it there now! :stuck_out_tongue: you still got a few hours!

bugger, the deadline is dead :frowning:


it would have been a good entry. very nice work


awesome garbage can! i want one.

blade - what do you think the military would want it for :wink: free sanitary services to third world countries

ThePatrickP - lol

BgDM - Thanks =)

Union S8 - That was half the aim, greebling, I’ve never been good at it, so I thought it was time to practice. (btw, for those not in the know, greebling was a term coined when the model makers did the underside of the Star Destroyer for Star Wars, and they just kept shoving weird little gadgets on)

Natron - Thanks man! =P

X-WARRIOR and Alltaken - Would’ve fit the topic perfectly lol. Too bad, it was 3:05 AM over here when you posted, and I had already retreated to bed lol. Thanks for the comments anyway

Modron - For the small price of $79.95, or two payments of $40, you could have your hands on this lovely piece of technology! Call 1800-GARBAGE now!
(Disclaimer - not legal in any countries taking refuge on planet Earth, postage and handling extra, assembly is required) =P

Here’s an update to the texturing, I’ve added a tiny bit of dirt, used some specularity maps, and added a very light reflection to it. A scene is coming up next =P

Hmm… Does it need more texturing?

Well… maybe not texturing, but definitely some decent colours? :wink:

But that’s the things, what kind of colours go well on a rubbish bin O_o I don’t want green, which is the de facto colour down here in Aus, because that would look sickening… Help?

try some kind of brown. u know like in starwars :slight_smile: the speederbikes (dont know the name exactly :)) have a nice color. or the x-wings an other vehicles have a decent brown around the engines that would match I think…

funny idea btw :slight_smile: you could add another character, hmm… maybe a man trying to throw something away, and make a funny short.

How about a yellowish orange paint job with
lots of grim and some chipped paint showing rusted metal?

It’s an awesome model, I don’t think it needs much at all. The shaders could be oren-nayer blinn and have a higher rough value, and much less spec/hardness. It’s far too plasticy for a garbage can. Make it a bit sharper.

Second to make it look more garbage-canny make the top of model larger than the bottom. So the bottom tapers a bit. Maybe a bit taller too.

Otherwise excellent work.

try a mottled bare metal texture, like cheap metal siding. could give a nice surface detail, without sacrificing the design style. or maybe the look of an industrial enamel? try just a bit of cellular texture in the spec channel, for a bit of subtle variation? it really doesn’t need much, it is such a well built model.

any plans to animate it? i can imagine it just sitting, and blinking. and maybe a bit of vapour being vented off…

jim ww

This is a quick mockup of a scene I’m trying to go for,
(the pipes are REALLY placeholders, I did them like 5 minutes before I went to bed just to fill in that left corner. Oh, and of course Suzanne won’t be in final, god bless her soul =P)
I also constructed some chimney type stacks I want to get a nice shadow from for the end scene.

Chimera - Natron and I have discussed putting it in a short we are kind of planning to make, about a game, if any of you remember it, called Crusader No Remorse =P
And about the Star Wars thing, yeah, I’ve got a small brown map on it atm, so I may have to emphasise that a bit.

Jeff_A - I can’t really thing of it as a yellowish orange lol. Hmm… I’ll have a go at it and see what I come up with

Dittohead - Quite right with the oren-nayar blinn suggestion, still much work to go on my material. About tapering though, I don’t know, I don’t think so, it’s all a matter of design choice, and also, wouldn’t that make it hard to kind of load these things onto a truck (hover truck or no lol)?

jimww - Hmmm… Industrial enamel, sounds cool, I’ll have a shot at it =P About cellular texture, I really don’t like it, the algorithm for it is very slow, and has on occasion slowed down my renders heavily, but I do agree I need for variation in spec, atm it is only a cloud procedural for spec variation.