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(Alex Treviño) #1

This project is based on one of the concepts of Anaïs Maamar. This is the second project of the series. The topics learned in this project were retopology, rigid objects, cloth simulation as well as the handling of hair particles. I’ve made a guide of the basic workflow for this. If you are still interested in the project you can download the clay render for free.

(Christian Lipski) #2

Wow, thanks so much for sharing this! I’m struggling with most of those topics in my current project (retopo, cloth sim, texturing, …) , so posting your tutorial is appreciated a lot. I really like where you took the concept and love all the effort you put into all those little details.

(carlwh123) #3

Amazing work man!

(modimist) #4

Not only is this project awesome looking, but the documentation and tutorial is incredible! The style of it is right on par with what I’ve been trying to become better at lately, looks so cool. Excellent work!

(Printer Killer) #5

Just beautiful!

(Erik Selin) #6

just top of the line! Gives such a cozy feeling!

(Daniel Aubert) #7

This looks amazing! Beautiful colors and composition! :smiley:

(Alex Treviño) #8

Thank you Christian! Glad this can help you. that’s very important to me. Not just to make a project but to help more people with the 3D struggle.

(Alex Treviño) #9

Thank you ! glad you like it!

(Alex Treviño) #10

Nice to know that you like the tutorial! Glad you take time to comment

(Alex Treviño) #11

Thank you!

(Alex Treviño) #12

I’m glad you think that!

(sharlybg) #13

Just mind blowing !

(boblybill) #14

Welp… This will be featured. Wow

(Alex Treviño) #15

Thats the way I like it! hahaha

(Alex Treviño) #16

That’s not in my power! hahahah but thank you!

(Вадим Герасименко) #17

Ha ha) I see litle Canti from FLCL) Very cool!

(Alex Treviño) #18

I left a lot of easter eggs!

(alf0) #19

this is damn too good ,wow so much detals
the textures and the models,
this is so so so much crazy

(Alex Treviño) #20

Thank you! Love to put the time for those details!