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Great work! And thanks for making the tutorial! While the information presented is nothing new for me, it’s still interesting seeing other people’s workflows.
Have you checked out what this project looks like in Eevee? Might be interesting to see!

(Alex Treviño) #22

Your welcome! I use the tutorial for me also, so I don forget what I just learned. I will try Eevee for sure!

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #23

This must be featured! Wonderful work! Congrats.

(Alex Treviño) #24

Thank you! I’m very humbled Ivaylo.

(Joshua Reimer) #25

Stunning Work. Can’t say anything beyond that.

(Alex Treviño) #26

Thank you Joshua, I really appreciate this.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #27

This is brilliant, and more so thanks to the detailed writeup. #featured!

(Alex Treviño) #28

OMG! I’m very humbled that this got to be featured! Thank you, Bart! I really appreciate this!

(Artstallion) #29

Wow, thanks for the tutorial. This is pretty cool!

(Alex Treviño) #30

Your welcome! I love to share the things I learn. And thank you for check it out!

(pixelgrip) #31

Fantastic work,and thank you, for your workflow tutorials.

(Alex Treviño) #32

Thank you !! Glad you use them!

(boblybill) #33

See! Told ya!

(Alex Treviño) #34

hahaha You were right all along

(Michael Jones) #35

This is really nice! I like the Engineer’s expression… it’s very curious.
Say… if you don’t mind me asking… I assume that you have used hair-particle system… how did you get your strands to taper the way they do?
Thank you and all the best

(Alex Treviño) #36

Thank you! and now that you asked, the hair is indeed hair particles system, using curls. it’s very simple. Please check the workflow tutorial, I have a part focused only on the hair.

(Renzatic) #37

This is absolutely incredible. Great job! :smiley:

(icyou520) #38

Stunning work aendom, I am curious, roughly how many hours from the sketch to final render where put in?

(Alex Treviño) #39

Thank you! :smiley: Good to hear !!

(Alex Treviño) #40

Thank you! The sketch was made by Anaïs Maamar, and my work took 2.5 months, working 5 hours a day, Monday to Fryday.