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(icyou520) #41

Bravo, it shows all the time and effort you put into it. My hats off to you sir.

(Alex Treviño) #42

Thank you again, I’m very humbled

(kalish) #43

You gotta be kidding me,right? You managed to make this wonderful art,render and composition. And still made a walkthrough in form of tutorial? No way man! You are a marvelous artist. I can’t even think in any critic because you did everything in the best way. Congratulations aendom, please tag me in your next studies. Cheers

(Alex Treviño) #44

The concept art it’s from AnaÏs Maamar, I just model, texture and render! :smile: The tutorial its a pleasure to make, it help me improve my technical and logical skills. Thank you very much, appreciate it a lot. I will tag you in the next one! :wink:

(Iago) #45

Obra maestra! I really love this image, dude :slight_smile:

(Alex Treviño) #46

Gracias maestro! pienso lo mismo de tus obras! Glad you download the clay scene! :wink:

(Iago) #47

I was very surprised with the clarity of the tutorials of your website, Great!

(Alex Treviño) #48

I love tutorials to be straight to the point. The next project I will do an improved version! bear with me!

(TobsFuhr) #49

amazing… great tutorial. thanks for this

(Alex Treviño) #50

Thank you glad you like it! Hope to see you soon with the next one!

(MShepelenko) #51

Thank you so much! Such an awesome art and tutorial. Please keep posting!

As to the question if tutorials should stay easy to follow or to get more complex, I would go with more complex.
It is so wonderful to get insights of what makes a really beautiful picture.

Thank you!

(Alex Treviño) #52

The next project I will explain in more detail every phase of the project, including videos with commentaries. Thank you! I appreciate a lot the time that you take to check the guide and commenting here.

(dr0necl0ne) #53

Aaaaaaaaw! The details! The screen-kitty! Her hat! The NES controllers! Everything is just so adorable melts into a fluid puddle without control object to help :heart_eyes:

Just saw you posted a tutorial… dies

(Alex Treviño) #54

hahaha comments like this make me go for more! Thank you very much, I’m very very glad you like it. And also hope that the tutorial helps to clarify how I do this images. (also you can download the clay render for free) :smiley:

(Maurício Heberle) #55

Dude, you should create an online course haha. One day I will reach this level of quality. Incredible.

(Alex Treviño) #56

Come on! Not reach but surpass it! I’m very glad you think its incredible! I’m very happy about that! About the online course, I will tell you that the next guide will include a lot more material. I will explain more phases and with more depth. Thank you for coming by Mauricio!

(Noel Wallace) #57

Excellent detail.

(Alex Treviño) #58

Thank you Nod64!

(Hani Dahman) #59

teach me sensei!

(Alex Treviño) #60

Hi! I made a guide, that it’s in the description. But the next project I will make also videos. So I can explain better my workflow from scratch. And thank you! :smiley: