The Lagangarbh Hut, Glencoe, Scotland

A place I’ve never been. A place I might never go to. A place I have seen some very nice photos of on the internet and a place I wanted to ‘paint’ (well, as close to painting as I get). Various treatments, but the first is my favourite - it has a sort of loose painterly style that I would like to have (if I could paint).

Painterly Version 1

Painterly Version 2

Basic render with a bit of tweaking only (this sort of also explains why I like to make things more like paintings because realism ain’t my thang)

A different view - softer paint processing

A different view, with tweaks only (almost straight out of the camera)

Viewport render.

Data from the Scottish Government and NASA;
Data cleaned up in QGIS;
Mountain mesh and base texture created in Gaea;
Put together and rendered in Blender (using various free and purchased assets (inc. Graswald, Bontaniq)… but I modelled the cottage myself - very tricky :slight_smile: and sculpted the river bank a bit );
Post processed in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Quite pleased with how this one has come out…

I have an ArtStation thread which shows how this image evolved too:


‘Bonus’ Additional View 1 (painterly)


‘Bonus’ Additional View 2 (still painterly… this should probably have been a new upload but don’t want to spam the forum!)


Hi, very nice and calm :slight_smile:

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Thank you Peter :+1:

Congrats. :+1:

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As a Scot I love that you’ve portrayed a bit of Scotland during its two day “summer” :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely work. It reminds me of going on holiday as a child, sitting in the back of my parents’ car driving up north through places like Glencoe. I was always fascinated with the landscapes, the greens and the purples and what I know now as atmospheric perspective.

Glencoe itself was always a bit weird. Such a beautiful place, but forever associated with the infamous massacre in 1692.


Great work, I love the colors!
I’ve been in Glencoe before the pandemic… such an amazing place.

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@ozgur1, @JohnMalcolm1970, @skiesofmu Many thanks - very much appreciated!


Looks amazing! Could be from a Miyazaki movie.

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What technique did you use to get the painterly/brush stroke effect? Looks really nice.

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Thanks - appreciate it.
The painterly look basically comes from applying various filters and actions, a bit of overpainting when necessary, masks and blending (and a lot of trial and error) to get the ‘look’ I want.

That looks great!

As it happens, I was just in Glen Coe a few weeks ago (during the two days of summer whats more), and amazingly, it does actually look just like that in person! (minus the brushstrokes :grin:)

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Thanks (and for the likes on Artstation too!! :blush: :+1:)

Pleased it looks authentic (having never been, it was all based on reference photos… although hardly any were taken in sunny conditions surprisingly enough :grin:)

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Wow, that river looks so refreshing. I’d love to have a dip in it

Man, you really nailed it! I love it.
I’ve climbed that mountain (Buachaille Etive Mor) and I could recognize it from your render instantly.
Here’s a photo of the climbing route (red going up, blue for descent) and a shot from the top.


Amazing work!

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@sebastian1066 Many thanks - very much appreciated. Really pleased it’s recognisable (thanks for uploading your great photos - if/when I eventually get there, I imagine I won’t be venturing up the mountain - far too fat and lazy!! :grin:)

@BlenderTimer - Thanks! Really appreciate that :+1:

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So soothing view. I would render this to 20k and print on photo paper to hang on my bedroom wall…
beautiful !
Is there any chance you have .blend file of this? :slight_smile:

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Thanks - very much appreciared! Unfortunately, I’m not going to share my .blend file, not least because it is massive and would show off all my noobish amateurism :grin:

However, prints are available from and :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (not quite 20k though!!)