The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations


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This thread is about staying up to date with Eevee demos and animations that may otherwise never get posted on this forum or will be missed. It would be preferred that only recent ones get posted so as to ensure an up to date view on what 2.8’s new engine can do.

Examples (these have already been posted in the 2.8 thread, but have been buried).

Let us see as to whether Eevee really does become the future of animation in Blender.

Is Evee for me?
Blender Livestream + EEVEE Demos
Fragile : Blender Eevee Demo for Alpha clip and SubSurface Scattering
This is Eevee!
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This one was posted a week ago in the 2.8 thread, I think it deserves a spot here

(Indy_logic) #3

I had a big crowd around my desk yesterday showing my coworker the tree creature video. Everyone was blown away at seeing the different looks and realtime performance. It’s a really great character too.

(LazyVirus) #4

I’ve seen the creature video in BlenderNation days ago, and my nose is still bleeding.

And I’m kinda depressed cause admittedly I’m having hard time getting used to 2.8 while it seems people easily throw out masterpieces like that :sob:


The best thing about that tree creature video was seeing how fast you can change the mood and try out completely new things that may have not been the original intention. Yeah, it was pretty cool to have a weird alien frog thing high up in the cloud rainforest during the day, but when the scene went super dark and they just had the volumetric spotlights and shadows it almost became a scene from a horror movie or the front page of a crypto tabloid. I loved it 10x as much. I’m very new to Blender but things like that are what excite me vs my experience as a painter.

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(melvi) #9

Awesome eevee demo using lineart. This guy is working on creating a lineart renderer that looks hand drawn with Blender 2.8. Pretty cool!!!

(Renzatic) #10

Gotta give you props for that robot. That thing’s awesome!

(S.Saprophyticus) #13

It’s not mine :sweat_smile:, credit goes to Glenn Melenhorst
Check his channel, he has more awesome EEVEE demos in there :wink:

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Another recent one from YouTube, it’s short, but shows the potential of Eevee for science-fiction animation.

(S.Saprophyticus) #15

While this is a very cool demo, it is not an EEVEE one
At the moment, LANPR is still a completely independant engine

(Gilles Charbonneau) #16

Just rendered this in Eevee…
Model by Jakub Chechelski, you can find it on Gumroad at, I gave 5 bucks for it, as it is a great model and a great asset to learn character texturing in Substance Painter.
The Node Wrangler add-on with the CTRL/SHIFT/T combo key, makes it a snap to setup Substance Painter textures in Cycles or Eevee, took me a whole 5 minutes to set this up, including the SSS setup.
This was rendered in Blender Eevee in 19 minutes (600 frames) with 30 4K maps, on a GTX 960 with only 2GB of ram, which is impressive!

(Gilles Charbonneau) #17

Same as before, but in 4K, the sequence took around 75 minutes to render on a GTX 960 with 2GB ram.

(Ace Dragon) #18

Another demo has surfaced, this video is a direct comparison of BI and Eevee and how scenes that once used BI can be improved without much effort.

(Glenn Melenhorst) #19

I have put my tests here:


(Glenn Melenhorst) #20

Tonight’s playtime with the latest 2.8

(Glenn Melenhorst) #21


(Gilles Charbonneau) #22

A simple fluids test imported in Blender 2.8 through Alembic and rendered in Eevee!

(Carrozza) #23

Had to subscribe this thread; thanks for everyone contributing!

(Ace Dragon) #24

More videos have been hitting the web lately, this one in particular is impressive (with animated characters to boot).

Then there’s this recent video showing what Eevee can do for the visualization market (ie. making it far easier to not have the low-budget look that you still see in many cases).