The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations


(renderhjs) #151

iriz microcar

by rosdi osman

(mziskandar) #152

Woohooo… go Proton!

(Ace Dragon) #153

Eevee has become an incredible solution for science fiction animation.

I can only expect more of this quality as the usability of 2.8 is improving weekly and bugs are getting fixed.

(renderhjs) #154

Another nice video from Jama Jurabaev

(Gilles Charbonneau) #155

Rendered in Eevee in 9 seconds on a lowly GT 730 GPU, everything works, transparencies, displacement, the whole shebang, and you get real-time preview, even on such a low end graphics card, loving Eevee more and more!

(particl3s) #156

More like Science-Creepy animations…⦿◓⦿’ chirp.

(Zinogg) #157

this guy is a 3ds Max and 3d Coat user who is learning Blender 2.8 i think through Jama Tutorials, very cool :slight_smile:

(English is not my native language) #158

Nice to see that those low end cards are still alive with Blender 2.8. I guess that does not happen with many 3D softwares.

(drgci) #159

Can you send me a blend file? I want to see how fast it will render on the gtx 1080

(JohnMalcolm1970) #160

That is pretty cool. Eevee stuff will never be as good as Cycles in certain areas, but it brings animation into reach for many users without the ability to render thousands of Cycles frames in a reasonable time period.

(Zinogg) #161

yep, it’s good for real-time stuff like video games, student short films, demo reels…etc and i think it’s very useful for quick iteration before going to final rendering in cycles…ray-tracing will always be the best for rendering until it becomes the real-time one.

(Charlie) #162

It’s just great to have the choice and tight shading workflow between the two engines. Both engines are only going to get better. The Alien space demo is a nice example but would be good to know the render time differences.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #163

Yes and no, just look at the movies rendered in game engines, like the Adams series in Unity, we are getting into the realm of cinematic quality here, and I am sure that eventually Eevee will get that good!

Adam episode 1
Adam episode 2
Adam episode 3

(Gilles Charbonneau) #164

Had a bit of fun with the barber shop benchmark in Eevee, only tweaked transparencies, needs ton more work I am sure, but I think it looks good nonetheless!

(Romanji) #165

Damn that Alien Movie Environment looks sexy. I am getting jealous.

(dimitribastos) #166

I can see Eevee being used on advertisign as well. Product shots, 3D logo animation, even in animation itself. I think there is a “unexplored” space between low and high end productions that Eevee can fill.

(Zinogg) #167

yeah i remember seeing Daniel Bystedt Alien Corridor back in 2017, i was man i got to learn how to do that too, since blender back then was a mystery to me.

(English is not my native language) #168

Good complex scene to experiment with it. I did not know that that scene was available for download.
I am having some unexpected crashes in different situations with that scene. But I still do not find how to reproduce them, it only happens sometimes (sometimes when change blend mode in some glass materials in Eevee Rendered mode).

(Lsscpp) #169

Shadows! Where are you?

(English is not my native language) #170

Not only shadows, you have to lower the energy for all the lamps/lights in Eevee to try to match lighting with Cycles. Also the scene is not light (light, with meaning to performance here) at all in Eevee Rendered mode, and I do not know if @GCharb is also using its GT 730 for this. I am suffering a bit with my GTX 960 :grinning:
Also, selecting lamps (lights) directly from viewport is still a bit difficult.