The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations


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Oh thanks man, i suspected it was hidden somewhere but i never found it,

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haha… Convert to “Mesh Object” is still hidden from the Menu (or hotkeys). Polygon Curve is almost the same as the Bezier Curve as of now. However, I could get it done via Search “Convert to” option.

I wonder, why it’s still not being exposed in the directly in the Menu itself. Probably, performance issues??

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EDIT: Looks like the video I found of Grease Pencil animations was already posted (20 posts up).

Sorry about that.

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Is there also a way to convert curvers to Grease Pencil? Last time I made a character’s face like in those ‘Video Explainers’ (flat design, or whatever you call it). With GPencil’s tools (smooth, grab) etc it’s a time consuming job. I would be more convenient to start with curves and then convert then to Gpencil strokes.

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My humble two cents. I already posted it elsewhere, but figured it’d fit better here. It’s not the pinnacle of rendering but it’s still eevee (that and some whacky external post fx)

Also, I’m dying to have more flexible NPR available in 2.8… it hurts, but I know it’s coming… somewhere deep in the internet, it’s there, I know it.

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Thank you. Struggled through this last night. I recurred to the search function.

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Another very cool grease pencil & eevee demonstration from Jama Jurabaev

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That guy is cranking out amazing stuff. I’m looking forward to his talk at Blender Conference.

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Eevee hair demo” from @Daniel_Paul:

Eevee hair demo
(Daniel Paul) #140


Render time on Titan x, 4 Min on UHD with 1024 Samples

(Ace Dragon) #141

This shows that despite Eevee’s limitations (no true soft shadows ect…) it can produce some shockingly good results that would take many hours to do in Cycles (even with denoising).

There’s already indications of it being a game changer in terms of arch-vis and animation, hopefully it means Eevee being an engine that a lot of people will want to help develop.

(Daniel Paul) #142

I tried to achieve this result in cycles and in octane. Wasn’t fast on both engines. Even with AI denoiser and adaptive sampling, octane took about 20 min on 2x 1080 TI, and I doubt that it would have been flicker free in animation.

(aleksi1) #143

My first complete animation with Eevee:

Have to say, it’s a beast already :slight_smile: There’s some weird things happening with the shadows sometimes, but it handles volumetrics and dozens of lights incredibly well

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(0o00o0oo) #145

That looks awesome.

But it does make me sad that the Eevee render was only twice as fast as an acceptable low sample Cycles render.

(cet77) #146

impressive. Both rendertimes are impressive actually. :slight_smile: Nice t-rex too.

(English is not my native language) #147

Only 32 samples and denoiser is not usually acceptable for Cycles in most scenes. You see how Cycles version lost details compared to Eevee version. I’m also not sure if the guy tried to configure better Eevee settings to get better times without losing so much quality.
Here 8 seconds with Eevee for Classroom scene (GTX 960):

Anyway, render times in Cycles are also amazing and we have had many improvements in the last time.

(renderhjs) #148

japanese twitter user shirohi who has a background in animation has been sharing these interesting illustration techniques using grease pencil

And artist zgodzinski converted one of his older cycles projects to Eevee, the Commodore Amiga CDTV. I believe this is based on his artwork here


Is Jama confirmed as a speaker this year? That’s insane. That’s going to be a huge boost for Blender. (Just checked the conference schedule, there he is.)

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the Amiga :star_struck: