The Lone Cabin

Well i am working on a scene with an old man walking into his humble home in the middle of a snow storm. Here is what i have so far.

Wowsers dude - that is such a glorious image. Look forward to more updates.

thanks kbot. The star wars film is moving along smoothly

Oh yeah that stars wars thing. You have to bring it up do you ? Well ok I apologize for making a smart/cheeky comment on that thread and I do feel guilty if it means anything to you.

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Coming along nicely - a few issues. The stone wall we are looking at has a mirrored texture on it. Make it un-mirrored. There is snow on the ground. There should be snow on the roof, and on the tops of the stones in the wall. Everywhere snow would be. This will add a lot of realism. If nothing else, you can just vertex paint the snow on. The light in the cabin is very white. It would likely be orange from a fire. Add a chimney. I’d also add a porch light or something to cast some light around the door.

umm what he said

thanks guys

Here is an updated version with snow…I am having troubles making it look real. Any suggestions?

yet another updated version

Nice so far, maybe you could add some icicle to the side of the roof:

Looks better. Add some mist for environment, add depth of field, get rid off the mirrored stone on the wall, add a chimney, add some smoke.

i designed it to be a medieval cabin where the smoke just goes out a hole in the top. How do i add smoke?

Here is an update. I am not really sure how to put clothes on the man

sorry im just bumping this for more feedback

Add smoke with particles. I’m terrible with particles. Anyway, just search for “blender 3d smoke”. I like the scene with the naked man. It adds a bit of “What the hell??” to the scene…I’d still add a porch light to show some of the front of the cabin, and I’d add some other textures to the snow - a dirt map or something. Just to give it a bit of life. One of the main things we do as 3d artists is to run away from the sterility that comes so easily in computer art. Perfectly straight lines etc. You should add some clothes when you figure out how …maybe he could be dragging a naked man…yes…with a blood trail through the snow. Also some trees, or something…it’s a bit empty out there.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep giving you my worthless thoughts. I check my subscribed threads once or twice a day.

Looking good, keep it up.

To much snow on the roof
Not enough Icicles, icicles are too big
Maybe add a door
Moon in the sky would be nice

another update

Where is naked guy? Did he freeze to death?

Ok, yes, I agree, a door would be useful. The moon is nice in the image, but the texture looks stretched and mirrored. It doesn’t have to be a sphere, just a flat dic. You can turn on emit if you haven’t already. Some clouds and mist would add some realism. Also some footprints in the snow, which will be easy - just little depressions.

Ok, keep it up champ, you are almost there!

Ok, put some more snow on the rooftop, otherwise provide a visible reason for the un-complete snow coverage:) About the snow - I’ve got the feeling that the textures somehow ruin it… Try making them less notice-able and smaller(actually, are they bumpmaps or just with lowered color value?). Another thing - snow reflects a LOT. Correct me if I’m wrong here, otherwise you might want to consider brightening the whole thing, adding a white tone to the sky/everything…
The footsteps appear to be rather large… Check the moon’s texture. I thought that was obvious :slight_smile: (EDIT: 3dmedieval already mentioned that ,and provided a better solution, however, you might want to consider doing something different than a full moon).
And, for a last note - add the snowstorm :smiley:
That’s my 2 cents, correct me if anything I said is wrong(could very well be so), and… GL HF