The Magnificent'e City

A recent friend of mine, or my colleague, sent me an obj this morning. A 47 MB obj, to be precise (I keep telling him to send .3ds’s, grrr). I suspect it’s downloaded, but anyways, he wants me to texture it, in Cycles. Building by Building, yes it’s a city…

Not your typical city, however.

Huge. And every building is unique, AND IT’S ONLY ONE MESH.

612,217 vertices, here I come. (thank god it’s low poly)

I’m going to start texturing, I’ll post my progress on this thread. I will use normal maps, spec and diffuse, although that might be overkill. My GTX 650ti crashed in Viewport Render Mode. OpenGL error. (edit : it’s something to do with TDR, I’ll fix.)

God help me.

If anyone wants to help, please PM me. I’m going to spend an hour per day.


I just counted, it average about 1200 buildings or possibly many more.

Could you write a script to select all horizontal edges and seam them to try and separate the ground away and individualise each building, or similar?

I can’t script for shit.

A teaser, made in 2 minutes. I’ll start tex’ing tommorrow.


Good luck with the project, swaschan! It will certainly be an undertaking. What will this ultimately be used for? Film or game?
I hope whatever it may be, that it shows off your hard work!

Better you than me, mate! This sot of thing would drive me to distraction.

I will not let this thread die…my preeeciious…

one building down, countless more to go.


lol. But I’ll get the city done, no matter what.


I’ll add specialized node groups to make the buildings appear more realistic after I’ve UV unwrapped each and every goddamned building. Mods, correct me if I’m using undesirable language.


I think your language is appropriate:) haha good luck man I look forward to more. Were you trying to use GPU to render in view port? I’m guessing the model blew your video card out due to lack of memory…thats what mine does when a scene gets really heavy:)

Happy Blending!

BTW if I was you I would try the smart UV project to unwrap big groups of buildings and then create several different brick or glass window textures that can be applied to all the unwrapped buildings using the same “smart UV project” unwrap. Then you can seperate buildings and apply different materials for example 30% brick with windows and 40% glass with wide trim between glass pannels and then 30% basically solid glass with very thin sharp trim. Of each of those texturs you can play with colors. Also from those textures you’ll make spec and mirror and bump of course. Of course the tops can be seperated as well and a charcoal or gray color or texture applied.

This should work pretty darn good if the level of detail is something like a helicopter fly by or hot air balloon shot from above:)

Anyways maybe this will help ya if I havent confused you too much:) Good Luck!

Looks like there is a lot of work ahead for ya. It will be exiting to see this city grow with textures!
question, is there any advantage to do this as one mesh?

Cramer, there is no advantage of doing this as a single mesh. What’s more the artist SEPERATED the roads into sections.


DerekG : Sorry for double posting, mods…

Umm…no, a brand new 650 GTX holds against a city. If your GPU blows out and says OpenGL error 3, it’s not the GPU’s fault, it’s Win7’s. And yes, I may be hated, but Win8 simply is for multimedia. Win7 is perfect for Blender, and so is Ubuntu.

Triangleception. I hate it.

projection paint?

just a suggestion.

I agree with you on Win7 8 is definetly for social media not Blending:P Anyways not always true on the video card though…I have scenes that definetly exceed the 2gb capacity my car has:) GTX560Ti 2gb. Keep going man I looking for some more renders:P

Wow, you’re making a city too and you have to texture it all? You have my sympathies. But you got the better end of the stick in the creation. You used a add-on to make it. I had to make my city mesh by mesh, corner by corner for over an entire year! And the worse part about it is that it’s still in development!

Yikes! I wish I had your determination… I’d have just had maybe 10 different buildings already textured and randomly placed the duplications, into a city scape… Even then probably wouldn’t have gone that far, good on ya

Nah, he dloaded the mesh. I’m supposed to help him, but my pc crashes when i go to edit mode. Must get fedora running soon. Win 8 is really a crappy os.

Hahaha, Impreza, right-o. Remember BFS Studios please.

Since you didnt’ make the city, I had to ask Mekial Asim for the mesh. He’s also a 3D modeller. I think he dloaded it. After some investigation…
Cityengine? never heard of it.

Mekial Asim is really a … you get the point.