"The Mandalorian" Soundtrack CD Release Mock-Up

Following my The Rings of Power soundtrack CD mock-up composition, I’ve created another one for Ludwig Göransson’s and Joseph Shirley’s soundtracks to the three seasons of “The Mandalorian”, once more trying to emulate the James Titus promo-image look. With titles, logos and credits, it could pass as the real thing:

The challenge on this one was the sand, for which I’ve once again used Geometry Nodes. Most of the grains are points distributed on a sand-dune geometry (a photo-scanned beach portion from Sketchfab), using Cycle’s point renderer, while the larger ones were added as instanced “rocks”. To break up the spherical nature of the point-rendered grains, they got a voronoi-fed normal map, radomized per grain. The ground was slightly displaced (dynamically) by the CD cases, while grains got deleted based on intersection with the cases.

The covers and inserts were designed in Photoshop, using available promo material.


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