The music thread

So everybody, i dont think music is discussed much on these forums, but it is a big influence on art i think.

list and chat about some of your favourite artist’s/ band’s and/ or song’s here :slight_smile:


Lately ive been listening to some of buckethead’s guitar work, mainly “soothsayer”

and protest the heros song “heretics and killers”

Im not really into the PTH’s genre of music, kinda music channel metal as i would say, but there guitar work is very good.

P.s. im looking for other guitarist’s. drummer’s bassist’s and who ever else may want to help out with song writing, i.e. using guitar pro to write riff’s, solo’s and exercises for learning guitar, bass and drum etc :slight_smile:

list and chat about some of your favourite artist’s/ band’s and/ or song’s here


I’m into the heavier metals. Mostly the progressive black metal. Some bands I absolutely love at the moment are Ephel Duath (an Italian metal band with heavy jazz influences) and Borknagar (a Norwegian progressive BM band). Another band I like is Muse and that’s probably the softest band I listen to. A short list of other bands I like:

Aes Dana
Ordo Draconis

I’m also taking lessons for my electric guitar but I haven’t really given it that much attention so I still suck at it.

I like listening to most things

Attempting music videos has been a large source of inspiration and learning for me.

I prefer the older metal.
Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Metallica are top.
I try to listen to as much variety as possible, to keep my horizons open, though.

Roni Size, London Electricity, Bonobo, Royksopp.

atreyu, as i lay dying, bless the fall, finch, children of bodom, rise against, trivium, RATM, (a few) MCR (songs, a few), fear factory (is…interesting), avenged sevenfold, system of a down, breaking benjamin, 3 days grace, still remains, alesena(sp?), mudvaine, bullet for my valentine, sences fail, five finger death punch, he is legend, children 18:3, not far behind(really good local band), disturbed, korn, soul embraced, bloodsimple(oh i do like blood…), dry kill logic, all that remains, seether, audioslave, tantric, matchbook romance, metro station(XD), green day, blink 182, metallica(amazing bassist! but he died =/ i can play his solo XD), +44, zao, as blood runs black(?is that right?), escape the fate, red hot chilli peppers(another good bassist), the medic droid, i am x-ray(gotta have some techno when your sick of screamo =]), and the showdown

I don’t really know what my favorite band is. I would have to go with Linkin Park. I like mellow songs like “Shadow of the Day”. My whole family loves to put their hands up and sway our arms from side to side when we hear a song like that. I also like techno music. One of my favorite techno songs is a hardstyle song that can be found here, or a version I made where I cut the vocals and added bass can be found here. There are different sub-genres of techno, like trance is the kind you would hear with those fast, high pitched synths, and hardstyle has scratchy synths with fast tempos, usually from 140 BMP to the fastest ones at 160 BMP, some very random short robotic sounding vocals, and usually unusual sounding beats. There’s eurotrance which sound a bit like 80’s and early 90’s techno beats, ect. I also like “In The End”, and “Numb”, both by Linkin Park.

In short, my favorite types of music are techno and Nu Metal. I also like hip-hop too.

I cant work without music :smiley:
my playlist currently contains:
Debauchery, Illdisposed, Devildriver, Facebreaker, Bloodbath, Bloodgasm, Gorefest, Mucopus, Six feet under, Bolt Thrower, God dethroned, lay down rotten, Amon Amarth, Carcass, Dawn of Demise, Pantera, Johnny Cash, Hellyeah, Dethklok and some more.

Actually i like many music styles, but i prefer melodic death, grooving death, rock, southern rock, classic, humpa-metal and viking.

humpa-metal? That one’s new to me. (EDIT: Ah, like an offshoot of Viking Metal… Interesting.)

I’m partial to melodic metal, progressive stuff (any sort… metal, techno, punk… so long as it’s progressive), classical and chiptunes/lo-fi/noise electronica.

Arexma: Opeth, Rapture, Volbeat. Check those out. (cleck them for fun :D)

I tend to support as many indie bands as I can find. There’s such a huge number of rock-solid musicians that are just as good as - if not better than - the crap that’s on the radio. I haven’t listened to the radio in years.

hmm lets see:

high contrast
daft punk
less than jake
at the drive in
Aesop rock
El p
pink floyd
massive attack
kanye west
sepultura (mostly from Roots/Chaos AD)
smashing pumpkins
pearl jam
Ugly duckling
led zep
reel big fish
taskforce (uk hip hop, not that horrible German trance)
rodney p

i thankyou…

Lordy, I forget from time to time how all geeks are metalheads ^^

I’ll be back in a bit with my list.

Amazing how that works huh? My family is a bunch of geeks and we all like metal.

Ok…Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 3 Days Grace, 3 Doors Down…There’s a lot more, but this should give the general scope of what I like.


Well I run a internet radio station, so thats all I listen to.
Here’s the link: radio


But then every now and again I like to blow my brains out with;

The Edger Broughton Band
Aphrodite’s Child
MC5 and CAN with plenty of 60’s garage, twisted Psychedelia and British Freakbeat

Holy crap! I never knew of so many subgenres of metal like melodic death (?), gooving death (??), humpa metal (???), viking metal (yet another ?), nu metal, this metal, that metal… it’s all just screaming, long haired satanists to me. I love hard rock like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, etc. I think the only metal type thing I ever could stand was “My Curse” by Killswitch Engage (deserves another ???)

Christian Rock! How could Blend’n 4 Jesus be into Christian Rock? Odd…

The Mars Volta, Meshuggah, Manu Chao, Tool, Nirvana, Soul Coughing, SOAD first album, breeders, yeah yeah yeahs, Radiohead, Blur-Gorillaz-The Good, the Bad and the Queen, Portishead, The Cure, Dandy Warhols, uh there must be so many more…

i know right…scary stuff

you should check out lots of good…(thinks of a “metal” genre for screamo)…screametal!

Ha ha, did you listen? It’s not all rock style music, some really balllet-y, to coin a term, type music. I just sit around here and play random songs from the ministry. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm, my favorites would be Linkin park, Atreyu, Killswitch engage, divine heresy, 3 days grace, children of bodom, breaking benjamin, 10 years, hank williams Jr., kieth anderson, craig morgon, jason aldean, manowar, powerman 5000, godsmack, flogging molly, skillet, dio, 3 doors down, rammstein, trapt, lordi, slipknot, daft punk, system of a down, drowning pool, slayer, kopek, the outlaws, iced earth, CKY, lamb of god, led zepplien, aerosmith, scorpians, rage against the machine, fort minor, etc.

i like pretty much all music.

lol you took like all the ones i forgot to say mindwarp
edit: check out this song i made with fruity loops =]