The Old God of the Northern Mountains

(BjarkeDuDe) #1

Blender + ZBrush + Photoshop

Better quality image

(Geckoart) #2

Wow i love that bottom side, though i wish there was a little bit for the top bith of the mountain and it would be perfect!

(ImmortalZombie) #3

This is incredible! Would make an awesome book cover.

(khan01) #4

amazing job, i love the atmosphere and the ligths

(BjarkeDuDe) #5

Now he’s a beautiful ballerina

Apparently there’s no love for giant spooky looking, ancient gods in the ballet-business, so now he wanders the cold, lonely mountains, longing for the spotlight.

Thanks for the love folks <3

(KceenSRB) #6

Haha dude that looks epic! :smiley: Good job

(BigBlend) #7

I love it. I just wished the “little” warrior was more in the center of attention.

Edit: Like something like this. That the god looks at him.

(BjarkeDuDe) #8

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:
I did try experimenting with moving the guy left and right and making him bigger, but it threw the balance of the composition off. I also don’t think he should be center attention, but a small reference for scale. His strong silhoutte also makes him easily noticable.

(edgarej) #9

I like the original crop better.

(Mr.Pilot) #10

Beautiful scene. Was the fog by the river done in Photoshop? Or Blender?

(Hadriscus) #11

Wow what a picture.

(BjarkeDuDe) #12

That’s Photoshop :wink:

(Mojza) #13

:yes: nice work…

(matjo15) #14

great job man. I think it really tells a story

(Freelix2000) #15

It has a really surreal look to it. I like it.

(Blender2003) #16

This is so cool! Honestly one of the coolest projects i’ve seen on here!
I love the atmosphere and the darkness of the image.
I see really nothing to critique here, I just love this image!


(Indy_logic) #17

This is gorgeous!

(ItalianJoy) #18

I love it! It’s so epic and dream like, and it evokes emotion which is exactly what art is suppose to do. Also the monster looks sort of like a snowman gone wrong lol!

(Serin) #19

That… is quite amazing! Awesome work.

(foxrender) #20

At first, I am thinking the giant skeleton is really creepy, while with the pink skirt makes it quite lovely, hahahaha