The race

The race.
Inspired by wacky races…
Cycles with a little colour adjustment in photoshop. Smoke is image planes but need to push that further in the future.


Awesome style, great color, love it!

Great job man! I think a little bit (very little) of motion blur would be ideal, but still look great now =)

Very nice. Agree with Ricardo 3D’s comment.

Well done

Very well done, man. As always. :wink:

Nice style, looks awesome. Is the image planes for smoke any special shader or just transaprency and diffuse?

Amazing, as usual!

As for the motion blur, one has to decide what to do with the shutter speed. With short shutter speeds (I.E. no motion blur) there is a lot of DOF. So, adding some depth of field would add to the scene’s realism, without motion blur. However, having in mind scene and character designs I think that it is perfect as it is!

Thanks for the comments. Yes i think motion blur would look good, but for me that works better on images meant for screen.
This is destined to be a print and I feel prints look better without such effects…

Yes the smoke is an image texture on a number of planes stacked horizontally, with some diffuse and reflection added.

I had a better effect earlier on in the project ( better shadows ) but lost the settings, so need to work out what i did before…

pokestuff it’s awsome! I love your style. You have this extra abbility to take viewers into this cartoon world. When I’m watching your work I feel almost like I’m one of this cartoon figure. You have a great imagination. It’s 5* work for me. Congrats, paulina.

Awesome! I like this comic style.

Wow. Another terrific image.

And I love the Wacky Races, BTW. For those not old enough to remember, here’s a vid…

Steve S

I am totally loving this!

freagging gorgeous!

Nice details, nice piece of art, nice concept, CONGRATS.

Awesome work!! Congratulations

Amazing as always pokestuff. I love your style! I’d also love a WIP or tutorial :wink:

as always, wacky fun awesomeness ! :spin:

:o Awesome style …

o_o …
What a fruitcake mess! XD
So… um… who’s first place?

One of the nicest fully realized narrative pics on the top row in a long time. I love the little bit of blur on the loose wheel and the dirt in the treads! That’s the attention to detail that just draws you in.