The Red Dragon

UPDATE 15-5-2009

Here is my progress so far



Title : The Red Dragon
Tools Used : Blender 2.48a
Time Spent : 1 hour 10 m
Total Time Spent : 1 hour 10 m
Purpose : To build a red dragon jumping out of a cup, to be used as a logo for the programming language JYTHON (a unification of JAVA and PYTHON)

Hi there . This is my first try with Blender, so bare with me.

now you have to colour it red

I have not found the colors tools yet, but I am determined.

Nice start, keep working, even if slowly. I started with blender a little time ago too, but then i stoped cause i don’t have the time. Never do that, keep working and posting, the guys around the forum can REALLY help you improve.

While it’s not bad for a logo… meh, 1 hour 10 m is too much for that.

About coloring, you have to make a material if there isn’t one in the F9 pannel (can’t remember name right now, just press F9 in editmode), and then go to the materials pannel (the one with the red sphere icon), then just change the col RGB values, or click the white rectangle of the col value and change it to red).

Also, for the animation you should make the dragon posing like something like a cup (for example, with the tail curved like the tea cup, then standing more like a dragon.

Not for a JAVA hybrid :o … okay… that has been mean now :wink:

I can’t really give anything meaningful since it’s just extrustion modeling right now, but don’t forget of the majestic and wonderful creatures Dragons are.

Says the one bastardizing them with endless “eat humans” crap… <.=.<

Thanks for your replies. And thank you all for the encouragement I really appreciate it.

I work quite slow cause I have started using Blender few days ago and I am new to the whole this thing .

I have started with box extruding cause I want to get all the details in sculpting . I have been with Zbrush for more than 6 years, I do not like editing vertex by vertex. I use to do it quite a lot when I was using XSI and MAX but I never felt comfortable with it. Sculpting on the other hand really makes me much more productive. Of course using the traditional tools are much easier for building low poly meshes.

I had to redo it , cause had some problem with the wings, too much detail created anomalies on the meshes when was divided in multires. Also I made alot of mistakes which needed correction.

So here is my update. I have finished all the box extruding for building the base mesh. And the second picture is actually the start of scultping , I just use the smooth tool to smooth things out.

From now on will be mostly sculpting.

a new update. Nothing is finished here, I love to jump around and give detail or change general shapes until satisfied.

nice start

The sculpt work is actually quite good.

But like I said at CGTalk, 2.5 will make the sculpting a lot more enjoyable because you’ll be able to edit the multires mesh like add/subtract/change geometry without wiping clean your sculpt.

Thats pretty good!..GO MAC!(i see ure using a mac*)

@ frustration : yes I am using mac at home , and I use windows and ubuntu (mainly ubuntu) at work. Thank you , I am a huge fan of Apple myself.

@STart: thanks you very much.

@Cyborg Dragon : Thank you . Actually editing the mesh is the least of my problems , I crashed my blender when I reached level 7 with 4.000.000 polgons. So I guess blender is no zbrush. lol.

But yes multiress editing is still very important!

I do not exclude 2.5 as an option , as I saw in another thread people are using it already for multiress editing. I will give a try as well. Download a build , or build from source code.

But as I see it , I might not avoid the use of bump maps for high detail, since blender cannot tolerate high poly counts like Zbrush and XSI. This is my biggest problem. I also do not like the sundivision feature, when I select an area in face mode and press Smooth Subdivision it creates alot of Triangles which I do not like. Convert to quad does not fix this.

In zbrush the only polygon permited is a quad polygon making sure that no seams are created later. Of course quad polygons produce more unecessary polygons when are subdivided.

SubDiv is very powerful also for organic modelling. It’s though like with any tech out there: you need to master it first to get good results. In fact I feel more at home with SubDiv than sculpting especially since I end up with strange deformed stuff all the time.

Wow! That is a pretty good dragon!
(but he isn’t red?)

Now THAT’s a difference from the first stuff :smiley: Sweet job!
On the other hand though, the rear legs are a bit too denformed for my taste.

But still very cool :wink:

Update to legs

and a render

The front ones seem a bit odd. Maybe too thin and arm-like. Try to make them more similar to the rear ones.

The sculpting is getting really good!

The wings look a little too thin… and, it still isn’t red. :stuck_out_tongue: